We're in MarTech Outlook’s 2020 Top 10!

We’ve come to the end of what’s been a very tough and uncertain year for everyone, yet the hope of doing things right in our work has remained, and it has been the real strength allowing us to continue on the best path. In fact, the period coincides with a point about what we’ve been doing and how we’ve been acting: the analyses of industry publications, including those for the marketing sector, on a global level. In these days we discover trends that have marked the year and those to come, but also the general picture of how the realities that operate in the digital field have moved in such a difficult and unprecedented scenario.

As well as taking an in-depth look at the digital sector from a business and corporate point of view, US-based Marketing Tech Outlook – based in San Francisco, California – is used to analyzing the approach of the leading agencies, both on specific digital campaigns and in their positioning in relation to the digital business framework. All this on the sidelines of a precious dispensation of endorsement that points to unearth quality, even and above all beyond the trends.

The editorial dedicated to the analysis of the European market was the ideal occasion for the Californian publication to draw up a list of what’s happening in the digital agency sector, with the drafting of MarTech Outlook’s Top 10 digital marketing consultancies in Europe in 2020. Among the ten chosen, we’re proud to represent Italy! And very happy to be part of an exclusive lot of realities of the sector, selected among those who show competence in providing consultancy and reliable services.

RichClicks has been described as an ideal choice for the performance marketing and e-commerce market, also and above all thanks to the “human-first” approach, of which we are extremely convinced – and more than ever this year –, and which for the magazine is a quality that puts a decisive accent on traditional competitors, indicating us as a leader in the European sector.

For MarTech, on the other hand, this is the time for companies to stay on the ball, more than ever: the industry is being called upon to increasingly tailor marketing strategies to customer needs and comfort, to connect people and brands in constantly more advanced and engaging ways. With an eye also on the demographic trend, which shows an increasingly younger average age and a network that can’t stop its evolution.

For us, enthusiasm remains the same as ever, goals reached drive new ones. Looking forward to another year full of successes, perhaps less uncertain and complicated, in which to work on the future.

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