AVON Italia

AVON Italia

Case Study

The Client

AVON is a world leader in the beauty sector and specialises in the direct sales channel, with a history spanning more than a century and an expansion that has taken the company to 50 countries worldwide. The brand is known for having promoted over the years a concept of a global online community, a sort of social network designed to enhance beauty, foster and encourage social relationships, making the passion for beauty a real choice of identity and not just a search for aesthetics.

The challenge

RichClicks provides AVON Italy with its E-Commerce for Retail department, with a vertical team specialised in strategic consulting for the sector, thanks to the experience accumulated over the years working with brands with significant impact in both traditional and online retail, giving impetus to our Omnichannel approach designed for expanding concepts.

Our approach

The strategy was designed to be inextricably aligned with AVON's positioning, both in approach and vision, to deliver the steps necessary to further increase its value. Moreover, among the central activities that stimulated the partnership, an increase in Social Media and Influencer Marketing activities and a Video Strategy aimed at perfecting brand awareness, with a boost on lead generation strategy: Facebook and Google Ads tailored activities, among with a consultancy dedicated to Conversion Rate Optimisation.


Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Omnichannel approach designed for an expanding concept

Lead Generation

Omnichannel approach designed for an expansion concept

Video Strategy

Aimed at perfecting brand awareness


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