Case Study: TikTok Advertising for eCommerce boost

TikTok Advertising, conversion-targeted campaigns and eCommerce: a new case study that brings all these elements together in a new challenge.‍

What is it all about? Download our free PDF of the case study to learn more about the method and results. In the meantime, for an overview, here's what it's all about.

The Client

Zuiki is a clothing brand with physical shops throughout Italy. Its products are very competitively priced and it is therefore important in digitial marketing to target activities with increasing ROAS.

Through TikTok Advertising campaigns, the ROAS of Zuiki's campaigns grew decisively in 6 months. To find out more, fill in the form below with all the details!

The Challenge

On TikTok, we experimented with several conversion-targeted campaigns using the collection format to showcase Zuiki's product catalogue: we used various elements, including countdowns for promotions and stickers with quizzes, to increase engagement and make the ads more appealing.

Want to learn more?

Discover our advertising approach for TikTok with this dedicated case study: download the free PDF to learn how we achieved extraordinary results for the company's ROAS.

Some results you will find in the PDF:

In Q1 2023, TikTok Advertising campaigns recorded a +34.39% increase in ROAS compared to the previous six months.

Conversions grew by +47.65%, with revenue increasing by +119.67%.

Find out how the implementation of dedicated eCommerce strategies contributed to the success of the campaigns and the maintenance of a growing ROAS.

Download the asset to learn all the details and winning strategies.

Download your PDF by submitting the form!

A TikTok strategy for a boost to eCommerce ROAS in a few decisive steps: download the case study.

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