Google Store Visit for a brand's marketing

Google store visit has become crucial to develop an Omnichannel strategy. Thanks to Store Visits, your business can control how many people have visited one of your physical stores after clicking on Ad. Such an advantage, allows you to calculate how much is the revenue coming from your AdWords strategy and drive the integration of your digital marketing to offline profits. Most of the times, one of the main concerns related to Omnichannel strategy is how to follow the customer’s path from online to offline purchases; however, the tools to track the customers’ experience from offline to online have massively improved and measuring is not a real problem anymore.

Google Store Visit Evolving and providing better solutions.

For example, Google has recently launched Store Sales Direct, a more advanced tool for Google Store Visits which helps marketer experts to upload encrypted email addresses, order value and purchase date to Google and allow you to obtain a more in-depth analysis which will show how much Google AdWords delivered actual revenue. Including more information, a digital marketing expert can develop more detailed reports, not only to analyse the results but also to develop a more effective marketing strategy forwards. In this way, your digital investments are more optimised as your Google Adwords will inform consumers about your business and products while they provide more complete insights into the ROPO effect (Research online, purchase offline), see the campaigns, devices and keywords that work the best to drive the largest amount of visits into your shops and, the omnichannel customer journey.

In short, Google Store Visits can help you understand your company’s ROI (return on investment) through your digital marketing strategy and allow your digital marketing experts to base on richer information the step forwards of the elements of your campaign; including bid, spend and ad creatives.

Google has analysed customer’s behaviour and determined their value when viewing local Ads, concluding that, those customers who previously accessed to your online Ads will be 40% more valuable than people who just walk into your stores with no previous Ad visualisation. Moreover, online Ads will make consumers 25% more likely to purchase in the stores, as they have been provided with information about your products and the communication needed to reinforce the customer engagement.

The evolution of Google Store Visits makes possible to link attribution measures store visits to search Ads, Maps Ads, Display Advertising, Google Shopping Results and now even local Ads on YouTube, allowing a more solid Omnichannel strategy and its maximum performance which will guarantee to your customers a seamless customer experience. In this way, all the extra values and unique details that your brand provides offline can be integrated into your digital marketing developing too.

Machine Learning Integration

All the efforts needed to provide the highest level of sophistication through Google Store Visits are being integrated day by day to make sure that all the aspects of the process are carefully analysed and treated to provide the most accurate results of your strategy.

On the one hand, Google has determined a minimum time of visualisation for your Ads to make sure that customers engage with them for a period relevant enough to make it count. In this way, there is a division between all the clicks on your ads and the clicks which are valuable indeed for your purposes.

On the other hand, Google has also integrated Machine Learning to reduce noise in the data obtained. This means that users who are passing into the store only because they were walking by and,  spending just one minute in the store, will not be considered as a visitor; and neither will be counted as a visitor any of the employees who spend hours in the stores. Machine Learning has made possible that the training of the system to recognise the distinguishing characteristics of legitimate visits.

How We Have Implemented Google Store Visit for our Clients.

• Conforama:

Conforama is a Leading French furniture company in the European market with a strong presence in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal. Our digital marketing agency was hired to help Conforama penetrate the Italian market and compete against bigger players through an Omnichannel strategy.

Thanks to this project we have been one of the first digital marketing agency in the Italian market integrating Google Store visit in the Omnichannel approach and, one also pioneers providing clients with Google Store Visits in the UK market.

We helped Conforama with a mobile drive store campaign, tracking the store visits valuable on the Google Adwords platform and following the customer journey from the Ads clicking to the physical store.


THUN is an Italian company for interior decoration, collectables and gift ideas, which is also strongly positioned in the European market, in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.

Currently, we are working on a project where we could have already evolve our approach related to store visits. In this case, together with the THUN team, we have mapped in Google My Business a substantial number of stores (more than 100 only in Italy) and activated the Store Visit Metrics to calculate the revenue coming from the stores’ visits which have been driven by Google campaigns. Moreover, we are able to show the address of the store and extension on Search and Display Ads.  

My English School:

MyEs is a leading English school chain with branches in several cities across Italy and searching to establish an international position in Europe too.

Through this project, we had the challenge and opportunity to integrate Google Store Visit for the academic sector and away from the retail industry. Such fact, allowed us to confirm and prove to our clients that Google Store Visit implementation is a digital approach that can help in several business typologies and successfully brings insights and results for the global digital marketing strategy.

For MyEs project, we activated Google Store Visits as the metric to verify the performance of Google Adwords account, which enables the company to check the number of Web Leads converted, in other words, the people visiting any of the schools after watching Display or Search Ads.

Finally, we have understood how Google Store Visits can deliver outstanding results even for companies which offer a service instead of products. When planning the right marketing communication and advertising, customers have been led and guided from online to their schools (offline).


Google Store Visit integration can tremendously help increase your revenue offline, optimising and taking the highest advantages of your digital marketing strategies to complete your brand experience and take care of your clients along their customer journey from their starting point at home. A seamless experience is already part of a successful business planning, making the digital practices a crucial pillar even for those businesses which find their strength offline. So no time for excuses or fears, let’s get ready!

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