Blauer USA
Blauer USA

Case Study

The client

Blauer USA is a leader in the outerwear and sportswear field. For years it has been developing and manufacturing a trademark performance apparel to the police of the USA. For this client, we experienced several problems with shopping performances, as well as a high competition with the marketplace and multi-brand.

The challenge

The objective was to grow online sales internationally, particularly in Germany, Spain and France, by involving new users who didn’t know the brand and who were actively looking for products in line with Blauer USA style. We decided to launch a test with a Google Smart Shopping Campaign with an internal automation bidding, together with the Google Shopping Campaign already running in Germany. For the initial test, 50% of the budget was allocated to the new Google Smart Shopping Campaign. It was decided to focus the campaign only on the core products of the brand (medium-high receipts, catalogue depth, bigger brand awareness).

The approach

Thanks to the automated bidding features, we successfully reached more people by lowering the costs of clicks, involvement and acquisition, increasing the overall turnover. We decreased the cost per conversion compared to their old campaigns, increased the impression and involved more people by embracing the automation. The impact resulted in a crucial boost in brand awareness internationally through the use of Google Shopping.


+ 30%

Turnover Spanish market

+ 34%

Turnover on the German market

- 42%

Cost per Conversion


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