We’re on Think With Google: read MyES’ case history!

Google as a passport to the future of a network with an ever stronger identity.

We started from this concept to work in synergy with one of our long-standing clients to plan a winning strategy, which has borne fruit on Think With Google, the publication of insights, ideas and official big G success stories.

We’ll walk you through a bit of the background to this story, which has been published in the Italian version of the platform, here.

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My English School: A Success Case

My English School® has 33 schools located all over Italy and a branch in Lyon, France. The main objective of the company is to bring qualified contacts through online promotion campaigns, with a particular focus on Mobile. Thanks to the new Google Local campaign format, branches throughout Italy have been able to guide students to the nearest MyES school. Today, with the massive use of online, those who decide to attend a private school must be able to find the best solutions not only in terms of teaching, but also in terms of complementary services.

MyES has set this goal as its main objective since its foundation in 2011.MyES network has strategically decided to invest the digital marketing budget on a media mix of Google products: Google Local, Smart Display and Search campaigns.

Strategy and Results

Online advertising costs are an integral part of the MyES franchisees’ investments: a cultural revolution that has enabled the network to achieve high quality results in 2019, never before achieved.

With the help of online advertising and the effective use of innovative methods such as Google Local Campaigns, we have developed a strategy that helped the network, for the first time, to actually measure the impact of investments in terms of Drive to Store, which it had not been able to do in the past through Offline campaigns on traditional media such as Billboards and Radio. Moreover, the company was able to confirm its position among the 300 leading Italian companies for 2019 growth, a result certified by the German Institute of Quality and Finance – ITQF.

The results of the advertising campaigns on MyES have been the mirror of evolution, providing a successful outcome which has strongly marked 2019.

A proof? Ask Think With Google!

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