Google SGE: the AI that changes online searches

Google never stops innovating, and this time it's with Google SGE, the Search Generative Experience, which promises to revolutionize how we search online.

In this article we explore a new era of AI-powered search that delivers detailed, personalized answers instantly, transforming your online search experience like never before.

What is Google SGE

Google Search Generative Experience is a new search mode that uses artificial intelligence to answer your questions directly and in detail, without having to navigate through various links. It’s like having a personal assistant that provides precise and relevant information all in one place.

For example, if you search for "how to bake bread at home", Google SGE not only shows you recipes but generates a combined response with the best instructions, ingredient suggestions, and useful tips.

How the Search Generative Experience Works

Google SGE leverages advanced language models like MUM and PaLM2 to understand your questions and generate pertinent responses. This technology is trained to identify high-quality web results and provide verified information.

Key Features

  1. AI Overviews: Provides an overview on a topic, integrating key factors and links to reliable resources.
  2. More Intuitive Searches: Allows you to ask follow-up questions without repeating the initial context, generating new overviews with relevant resources.
  3. Vertical Experiences: Optimizes specific searches like shopping or local searches, presenting product descriptions, reviews, and prices.
  4. Creativity Support: Helps visualize ideas and seek inspiration, such as generating images based on a description.

Preparing for Google SGE

To make the most of Google SGE, continue following best SEO practices:

  • Create Quality Content: Address the exact search intents of users.
  • Optimize Images and Structured Data: Provide more information to search engines.
  • Analyze Competitors: Study successful strategies of other sites.


Google SGE represents a new opportunity to enhance online visibility.

By focusing on quality content and best SEO practices, you can make the most of this innovation in online search.

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