Case Study

The client

NHS (or 'National Health Service') is the national health authority in the UK. The London branch operates in the capital, in cooperation with the local government office.

The challenge

Our team was tasked with creating and activating a multi-channel influenza vaccine awareness campaign focusing on the Greater London area and considering specific high vulnerability personas and population segments, which are particularly susceptible during this time of the COVID- 19 pandemic.

Given the similarity of symptoms between seasonal flu and COVID-19, this campaign was more important than ever to achieve high effectiveness and success. Throughout the seasonal influenza vaccination campaign, we aim to ensure an active response from the population, and hope that the campaign will contribute to greater protection for society and relief from hospital pressure.

Our approach

The aim was to achieve maximum visibility in the population groups most vulnerable to contracting influenza during this seasonal period and developing more severe symptoms. Among the high-risk population are young children, people with chronic diseases and pregnant women. For this reason, we have divided the campaigns into three main groups of people, taking into account the interests and needs of these groups. The aim is to raise awareness within the groups of citizens most in need of the flu vaccination service and to achieve the desired goals of the UK National Health System. To reach our Personas, we implemented a multi-channel dissemination campaign strategy, thus ensuring maximisation of results.


Social Media

Customised strategy on Facebook and Instagram

Google Ads

Branded and non-branded campaigns

Multichannel strategy

With an ADV analysis to guarantee maximum results


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