Marketing personalisation beyond the first name

We’ve just started the digital marketing era where personalisation of marketing will become a must! The technology is ready for companies to develop personalised campaigns and communication which reach the excellence and take steps beyond referring to customers by their names.

Gigant companies such as Amazon have known very well how to analyse customer’s behaviour and ensure a personalised approach by displaying campaigns of products based on previous purchases. Another inspiring example is Spotify, which by analysing the data about consumers’ preferences can offer a personalised experience and funnel the several options to your interests.

Studies reveal that nearly 80% of online consumers feel frustrated if the content displayed for them is not relevant to their interests and emotions.

Through 2020 we will witness a significant increase in personalised strategies in any form possible. By next year, the digital industry will not understand any other way to develop digital marketing and, in this way, personalisation is becoming the key to boost conversion and smash loyalty.

Benefits of marketing personalisation.

By personalising your marketing strategies, your business will have the power to reach a specific niche of consumers and generate better quality leads. Also, thanks to collecting their data, your business can accurately position the brand, and create more relevant content for your audience.

Moreover, your email campaigns will have a more efficient impact by basing its content on previous behaviours, such as interest shown on data segmentation and shopping habits in the past.

Considering the contest and interest of your target audience can help you create campaigns that become more relevant and successful by including elements related to your customers into the promotion of your product. In this way, your customers will feel that you know them further than just liking what you’re selling to them. It is the time to create campaigns that your consumers will appreciate on a broader outlook and generate stronger connections thanks to the extra references included on your promotion.

Finally, marketing personalisation will not only help you increase sales and conversion rates while allowing your campaigns to be more creative but, also it can empower your customer retention and brand loyalty by boosting the engagement.

Marketing personalisation practices.

Referring to your customers by their name is sweet and impressive, but there’s much more that you can do for them!

  • Match your personalised emails and landing pages: it is time to take the best advantage of your emails engagement! Make sure that your call to actions follow the same direction and offer to the audience a unified experience. Look after your copy and track your customer’s journey with harmony eloquence.
  • Consider location and time: by considering the place and time of your customer’s behaviour, you will communicate and offer valuable information for their circumstances. Make sure that you boost promotion when it makes sense and gets subliminal at the right times and places.
  • The right questions will take you to the right buyer personas: audience segmentation is crucial to create your personalised marketing. When asking questions to your audience, think out of the box and go further than only asking why they are visiting your website and any generic interrogation which will not bring valuable information. Go deeper and ask the questions that will lead you to create incredible targeted communication. The audience is allowing you to get to know them by answering your questions, don’t waste such an opportunity!
  • Focus on building your buyer persona: use all your data to develop your buyer persona and implement persona-based marketing. Studies confirm that the audience is more engaged with the content where they can feel reflected in.


Marketing personalisation opens the door for your business to get close to consumers and show the human side of your brand. It is time to work on it and take the extra values that a personalised strategy will add to your success.

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