Case Study

The client

RichClicks took the lead in the launch of and the brand positioning of the agency, an Italian bespoke luxury boutique tour operator. The goal for AMAKA's target audience, represented by users with spending power and looking for tailor-made luxury experiences, was to create a container that embraces them in their search for a surprising itinerary: from a trip to the edge of nature to a honeymoon taken care of down to the last detail.

From the proposal of classic and high-impact realities - typical of a travel agency - the innovative path aimed at making AMAKA perceived as a brand with a strong and empathetic character, to be relied upon for experiences of unprecedented charm, with that necessary extra touch for those who love to travel with a unique style.

The challenge

The whole concept was transferred into an engaging and brand-oriented language in the structure of the website, which links the combination of travel locations to the skills and values of the people who represent AMAKA. The language of the platform conveys the temperament of the company right from the warmth of the yellow with which it communicates: an energetic and strong stamp for a human brand with an exclusive character.

Our approach

The drive for our team was to combine the more strategic soul, which includes several pure marketing choices - SEO requirements, use of Marketing Automation (with customisation within each landing page), advertising campaigns - with the more strictly creative one, with visual impact and communication of the core values of branding at the top of the priorities.


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