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Podcast Strategy: give your brand a voice.

A podcast is an audio file available on the Internet. A user can subscribe to the podcast to receive updates whenever a new audio file is uploaded. Today, companies can use podcasts to offer valuable content to their users and strengthen the bond with them, creating new possibilities for branded content. Podcasts really are a tool that translate into a powerful marketing channel: they have become the new radio on mobile devices. The use of smartphones and voice devices has led to a growth of these entertainment tools.

Podcast as a marketing tool.

A podcast can reach a lot of people. Unlike other marketing and communication platforms, podcasts are on the rise. It is content that can be 'consumed on the go'. Although we know that the video format is still dominant on the web, it remains a difficult content to consume in a number of situations such as while driving or doing other things around the house. Or outside!

Audio is emerging as the winning format, even in an age when everything is moving so fast. In addition, podcasts generally do not have real commercial breaks and ads to interrupt the fruition, so they are contents that rely heavily on their storytelling on the attention to what is being told, which is fundamental in building a real brand narrative.

At RichClicks we develop a proper podcast production strategy, through which we take care of the proposal to be integrated into the monthly editorial plan, the induction phase and the most suitable technological solution.

Podcast Induction.

In the kickoff phase, we will tutor you in the setting of the audio realisation and the most suitable software and hardware solutions.

Realizzazione Podcast Persona.

We analyse your audience to discover the perfect target audience for your podcast content.

Editorial Plan Integration.

We work on the integration of podcast proposals into the monthly Editorial Plan of your blog or website.

Production Brief.

We offer you the complete idea for the development of the podcast, even if you start with a blank page to fill.

Hardware e Software: how do we create a Podcast?

It may be taken for granted, but in order to make a professional podcast you need the right equipment. As well as the quality of the audio output, choosing the production tools is a sign of care for the content you're going to make. 

A microphone (or some microphones) needs to be matched with a suitable studio set-up: to ensure the best audio, a small room is recommended, preferably furnished and with walls close together to retain sound and avoid reverberation.

Now onto the recording part: Audacity, Anchor and Spreaker  are the simplest and most complete podcast recording softwares to use, both because they guarantee ease of use in the production phase and because of the options available in the post-production phase (audio editing, integrations, customisation).

The different editing alternatives for recordable formats make them the most widely used, in addition to the fact that they offer a free licence for most features. They also make it possible to distribute to external channels automatically. Once a profile is created, the platform acts as an embedded RSS feed, allowing you to choose where and when to publish the episodes of a podcast in addition to your own timeline.

Podcast Content: where do I start?

The topics to be addressed in the various podcast episodes can be varied. We suggest creating miniseries that differ on the basis of different thematic topics, but every project can have a different need. Just make sure you showcase your brand in the right way!

Work on your core skills and your target market: what can you bring, in terms of content, that will make you stand out from the rest? Storytelling, plots, method, tone of voice: everything in the audio format counts and really counts in detail.

To facilitate creation, it is inevitable to rely on a script created prior to the recording. The script facilitates the clear organisation of the content, so that the episode is engaging and interesting, without too many pauses of silence or overlapping of voices. In fact, as much as naturalness may be rewarded, not everyone is born a presenter: we suggest creating a script of the conversations that can be read or referred to in case of 'empty moments'.

How to index a podcast: the SEO basics.

Oltre alla condivisioIn addition to sharing and using it as a marketing tool on Spreaker, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Spotify and Apple Music, a few months ago Google released guidelines for indexing podcasts in the SERPs of organic results.

And the rules are the ones we know well: it's like doing SEO optimization, but for your podcast, on a podcast discovery platform.

Our Google's Premier Partnership not only guarantees the actual competence and absolute reliability of the agency you are using, but also ensures:

  • RSS Feed processing compliant with RSS 2.0 specifications.
  • Dedicated podcast home page with a link to the RSS feed.
  • Embedding of the content on the homepage of the website or platform used.
  • Presence in Google SERPs to be reached by organic searches.

What are you waiting for? 

Enter the world of Podcasts and let your brand speak!

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