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La Sportiva

Omnichannel Strategy
Project Details

World leader in the production of climbing shoes and boots for high mountain experiences, La Sportiva has a successful history that started back in the late twenties. The brand continues its winning legacy by choosing to bring its message even further, through innovative forms of communication that digital channels are making available in our era.

Our goal for the brand has been to create the structure of the new interactive Facebook campaigns, instant experiences. A framework that brings out the atmosphere of exploration, curiosity and surprise about all that is new, everything that La Sportiva products represent. The strategy adopted by our team for the creation of the interactive experiences had its focus on awareness, conversion and traffic goals, through campaigns dedicated to the discovery of the world of La Sportiva: how to embrace solutions from the new digital advertising telling traditions and quality from present and past.

In addition to making the user discover what’s the brand impact in its industry, the target was then to create an advertisement that included the promotion of exclusive news, opportunities in the catalogue and quality content that communicate the world of the brand and everything that its products mean for the customer.

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Project Results
  • + 231.22% Reach
  • +14.69% New Users – Generated via Facebook