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AMAKA Website Launch


The partnership between RichClicks and TAOCOM has taken the lead in the launch of, AMAKA‘s brand new website, and the contextual brand positioning of the agency, an Italian boutique tour operator of tailor-made luxury travels.


Our mission? To deliver a perfect blend of two strong experiences: strategic consulting on the SEO, Usability and Digital Marketing side combined with the creativity in communication and image branding by our partner, TAOCOM.

The Mission

The two souls were involved in the rebranding of the former Travel Age agency, starting with the architecture of a website that could have fully represent the new AMAKA era in a completely unique way. What were the goals?

  1. Create a website that would have been brand-oriented, consistently aligned with the need to transfer AMAKA’s value propositions and values;
  2. Make the distinctive features of the platform one with the identity of the company, to those who become first users, then customers of AMAKA;
  3. Combine two different worlds to deliver an innovative and effective concept: digital marketing and branding, strategy and creativity.

From the proposal of classic and high-impact realities – which are typical of a travel agency – the innovative path has aimed at making AMAKA perceived as a brand with a strong and empathetic character, one you should look for experiences with an original and totally customised charm. A necessary extra touch for those who love to travel with a unique style.


Creative approach

“Your own way”, besides becoming a claim, is the message designed to capture the user’s attention, from the very first impact. Something able to convey the possibility of living an experience never lived before. Which, for us, was meant to be beyond the classic concept of luxury as it is conventionally understood.

The whole concept has been translated into an engaging and brand-oriented language in the structure of the website, linking the combination of travel locations to the skills and values of the people who represent AMAKA. The language of the platform conveys the character of the company starting from the warmth of the yellow and what it communicates: a clear challenge to translate the distinctive character of a human brand into a sales tool that aims at innovation and creativity of choice.

Strategic approach

The strategic approach in the conceptualisation of the website site was to work in a completely custom way, being able to build the code in a truly personalised way: the development of the back-end was in fact managed in such a way as to allow the AMAKA team autonomy even after the preliminary phase structuring.

The brand’s target audience, represented by users who are looking for tailor-made luxury experiences, expects a platform that embraces them in the search for a surprising itinerary: from the journey to the edge of nature to the honeymoon, completed in every detail. Just like a real journey, digital consulting, UX, usability and brand identity were combined in what could finely take care rendering, concept and structure. Just like a real journey.


Technical Improvements

Before any wireframe or conceptual draft, we started from an in-depth analysis of the Buyer Personas and the Luxury Travel market, going to study the niche travel agencies around the world. The selection has transferred only the most innovative benchmarks, providing in-depth analysis to be transmitted to the character of the AMAKA website.

The biggest challenge for us was to combine the most strategic soul, which includes several pure marketing choices – SEO needs, use of Marketing Automation (with customisation within each landing page), advertising campaigns – with the most strictly creative one, with visual impact and communication of the fundamental values of branding at the top of the priorities.

At the end of the process – after a flow of educational data entry on SEO, workflow and best practice optimization – the management of pages, proposals, content and communication was supported by a completely customized back-end, which replaces an automatic system and allows you to manage and administer the management of the AMAKA team in a simple and intuitive way.

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