Blauer USA: the new fashion brand that has embraced Rich Clicks innovation.

Rich Clicks - Blauer Press release

Blauer USA: the new fashion brand that has embraced Rich Clicks innovation.

Blauer USA is a fashion brand that finds its origin as the American supplier for the technical garments used by the American police forces, US Navy and White House special agents. Thanks to its magnificent design and quality, Blauer uniforms managed to have a legendary reputation which has inspired the evolution of the brand to transform its essential purpose into a brand that offers a fashion collection which pleases the spirit of the American style. The technical and materials used to protect from the cold, rain and snow have positioned the brand as one of the most competitive in the outwear market.

Blauer had become a reference brand since 2001 when they decided to bring the legendary American uniforms into the fashion market. Now it is time for them to embrace the highest innovation for the digital market and strengthen its leadership online.  

Rich Clicks is proud of working with such an inspirational brand!

Rich Clicks has been already working on developing the most effective full digital marketing plan to guarantee for Blauer a leading position in the online market and make sure that their clients discover their collections and engage with the essence of the brand. Thanks to our efficient performance strategy, the brand will be able to strengthen their online market both national and international wide and, construct a substantial loyalty from their customers.  

After rich expertise working with fashion brands, our team is very conscious of the impact that an efficient and complete digital marketing strategy can produce for the growth of a business in the sector.

Our experts are excited to share our technology and digital marketing strategies for Blauer to reach their goals!

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