Baracuta: +458.35% increase in sales with Klaviyo

Baracuta, a British brand famous for the Harrington jacket, known as the "G9," has been facing the challenge of increasing sales and enhancing customer engagement. Founded in 1937 in Manchester, the company produces stylish and functional outerwear.

The Harrington jacket gained popularity thanks to celebrities like Elvis Presley and Steve McQueen. Over the years, Baracuta has innovated in the clothing industry, collaborating with prominent figures like Arnold Palmer.

Acquired by WP Lavori in Corso in 2012, Baracuta has demonstrated the effectiveness of email marketing through Klaviyo.

The challenge

The brand embarked on a journey towards boosting customer engagement and accelerating the purchase process through marketing automation. The revolution, powered by Klaviyo, showcases in this case study a well-managed and structured communication towards the specific target.

Aware of the importance of guiding potential buyers from the consideration phase to the decision phase quickly and effectively, the company embraced the challenge of adopting highly targeted and personalized strategies.

This objective was achieved through the use of the Klaviyo Email Marketing & SMS platform, which provided the necessary tools to create engaging and highly personalized shopping experiences, strategically operated through two important channels:

Persuasive Reminder Popups

Baracuta introduced reminder popups on its website, triggering when users were in the consideration phase of products. These persuasive popups reminded potential buyers of discounts and incentives and encouraged them to act immediately.

Engaging Personalized Emails

Through Klaviyo, Baracuta sent personalized emails to customers who had shown interest in specific products. These email flows included cross-selling, last pieces, and special offers with compelling call-to-action to push recipients to make the purchase.

Our approach

We adopted a strategic and targeted approach. Firstly, we conducted in-depth analysis of our target audience, including purchasing preferences and typical purchasing behaviors of road cyclists. This allowed us to better understand their needs and tailor our email marketing strategies accordingly.

Subsequently, we used Klaviyo to create highly personalized email campaigns, focused on the specific products and interests of road cyclists.

We implemented automated email flows to intercept potential customers at various stages of the purchase process, such as abandoned carts or views of specific products.

Additionally, we leveraged Klaviyo's segmentation features to divide our audience into more targeted target groups, allowing us to send personalized content and offers that reflected their interests and preferences.


The results of the first quarter of 2024 marked a significant milestone for Baracuta, with an impressive 458.35% increase in sales compared to the same period the previous year. This remarkable success was the result of a highly effective email marketing strategy implemented through the Klaviyo platform.

Thanks to this strategy, Baracuta not only increased sales but also increased customer engagement.

The activation period with Klaviyo compared to the past:

The acceleration of the purchase process, made possible by targeted and personalized campaigns, played a fundamental role in improving the overall conversions of the brand.

Furthermore, the optimization of performance has contributed to consolidating Baracuta's position in the market, confirming the validity of the adopted strategies.

These results not only demonstrate the effectiveness of the email marketing strategy adopted for Baracuta but also highlight the company's ability to adapt to changing consumer needs and make the most of the capabilities of modern marketing automation platforms like Klaviyo.

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