What does Teamwork mean to us?

Teamwork is something that seems pretty basic but it’s definitely the key to a successful performance. We spend hours and hours learning about new tools, integrating innovative platforms, channels and strategies to deliver the best digital marketing project; but, sometimes we forget to spend time in the essence, the core of work: our team.

It is time to become aware of our team and how its structure and development will lead us to true success.

Throughout the life of our agency we have learnt and seen the importance of building a solid team that contains the necessary to carry out projects efficiently while providing the space for each member to grow with the support of the rest of the members.

We have always tried hard to improve it as much as possible, explore new ways of enriching our teamwork and add new meanings and values and this is what we have learnt on the way.

What kind of people should be part of a dream digital marketing team?

I would say that you will find within the perfect digital marketing team the presence of both skills - soft and hard - It should be the space where “sharing is caring” takes on true meaning and space is created where professionals complement each other. And the perfect elements for success are: 

  • The marketing mind: The thinkers, marketing strategists, the ones putting on the table all their creativity and work on the tactics and guidance which can achieve the desired results. 

Visionary people who are brave enough to think out of the box at the same time that they connect with the product or service and understand what marketing can do for them.

  • The metrics interpreters: They’re a crucial part of our team to understand where to go and how we’re doing through our path. They are the ones fully focused on boosting the power of analytics and interpreting the numbers and KPI’s. 

Their role is to analyse the mathematical information to come up with solutions. By obtaining and interpreting the information and insights that you only can reach by these data-driven professionals, the most technical part of your project is covered.

  • The wordy ones: A digital marketing team wouldn’t be complete without these wordsmith professionals who will look after every letter, every word, every sentence and every paragraph because they know that every piece will matter in the final result. 

They will focus and develop the content creation that will attract, engage and connect with consumers and guarantee bonds between your brand and customers. 

Communication strategies are crucial when you aim to stand out of the crowd. From considering and including your keywords to developing original content that shows the personality and character of your business, they are your allies to introduce you to the world. Can you see in my impetus when mentioning them that I am one of them? 

  • The relationship builder: I really want to stop here for a second because we have seen several times in the way that other agencies work, that they mistake this figure for a salesperson; and a seller is definitely NOT a relationship builder. 

For this reason, in RichClicks we integrated in our teams a digital marketing consultant, who can efficiently perform as a relationship builder.

Across the years, we understood that our prospects and clients want to know that they are valued and that their opinions matter. They expect us to listen and the consultants are there to make sure that this will be the case. Their role is to turn all that valuable feedback into ideas for potential optimisation and propose to the clients innovative ways to achieve results.

  • The technical architects: These are the team members who know all the tools and how to implement them to obtain the best results. They are professionals who understand optimisation for searches, email marketing, landing page conversion rates, PPC, and every single part of the process that may need that very technical know-how.
  • The creative minds - or what we like to call - The Human Side: They are the people who go beyond the tools and technical aspects of the project. Once all the automation, optimisation, machine learning and AI are integrated by everyone; the only unique part of every project is the human side that will complete and enrich such integrations. To reach a perfect balance between technology and strategy the key component is the personality that our experts can contribute to the general project.

Never underestimate the human side of your project and your results will be taken to the next level. 

Project Manager: And since there is no orchestra without a director, there can be no perfect digital marketing team without a project manager: to help manage deadlines, team members, resources, and overall project mechanics is key to any efficient marketing team. A team of creative and technical people can only be powerful if they have the proper management to work together efficiently.

Teamwork: a final recap

  • Seek a team which keeps the balance between soft and hard skills
  • Interconnect every working area that points to homogenous success
  • Listen and respect what businesses have to say about their projects.
  • Involve enough team members to deal with challenging times along every project. 
  • Give a voice to every team member and empower their performance.

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