Optimises Klaviyo's "Back in Stock" Flow

Maximizing conversions is the desire of every ecommerce manager. If you use Klaviyo, you already understand the importance of fully leveraging your returning visitors. We're here to suggest one of the most effective flows to activate on Klaviyo: the "Back in Stock" flow! When a customer visits your site and finds the desired product out of stock, there's a great chance they might leave without making a purchase, but with Klaviyo's "Back in Stock" flow, you can turn this situation into an opportunity.

What is Klaviyo's "Back in Stock" Flow?

Klaviyo's "Back in Stock" flow is a powerful tool to bring customers back to your online store. It works simply but effectively: when a product becomes available again after being out of stock, Klaviyo automatically sends an email notification to interested customers who have subscribed to receive such notification. This allows them to come back and complete the purchase they had pending.

Maximize the Efficiency of Your Flows with Klaviyo

Here are some practical tips to make the most of the "Back in Stock" flow:

1. Effective Segmentation:
Ensure you segment your customers based on their interests and purchasing preferences. This way, you can send restock notifications only to those genuinely interested in the specific product, thus increasing conversion chances. To do this, make the most of Klaviyo's forms. These will help you segment your customers and understand which products they are most interested in.

2. Engaging Copy:
Use persuasive and engaging copy in your restock notification emails. Capture the customer's attention and explain why they should come back to purchase the product. Also, offer additional incentives, such as a special discount or free shipping, to further encourage purchase.

3. Monitoring and Optimization:
Constantly analyze the metrics and results of your flow. Monitor the email open rate, click-through rate, and most importantly, the conversion rate. Use this information to make continuous improvements and optimize it to maximize conversions.

A Sales Opportunity Thanks to Klaviyo Flows

Klaviyo's "Back in Stock" flow is a valuable resource for every online store looking to maximize conversions and make the most of every sales opportunity. In short, with Klaviyo by your side, you can turn customer "disappointment" into a sales opportunity and consistently drive qualified traffic to your online store.

Optimize your email marketing strategically and also delve into the abandoned cart flow on Klaviyo, don't miss this article where we compare it with the abandoned checkout flow!

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