Advent Calendar: Digital Marketing Trends for 2020

2019 is nearly over and, our agency is already looking towards the new year and embracing the latest trends that will revolutionise the development of our industry and change the way we understand it.

Without further delay, we have to talk once again about the importance of the human side of marketing strategies from now on. It is not a coincidence that Richclicks has taken such a concept as the axis of our philosophy. We have always tried our best to think out of the box and try to figure out how the future of our role in marketing will take us to, and surely we were not wrong about the direction we took.

The empowerment of customers will be the fundamental fact that would rule all the marketing strategies. The new technologies will have to partner up with a customer-centric approach to succeed in their purpose. For this reason, we don’t want to finish the year without sharing some tips to empower your digital marketing strategies and catch up with the new way of understanding our work and make the best out of it.

  • Rely your strategies on the surprise factor: creating a joyful and unexpected customer experience, you will conquer your customers and guarantee loyalty. With no doubts, Augmented reality can be a plus when included it. May the creativity be with you!
  • The humanisation of data: the AI, algorithms and data sets will experience a significant humanisation. They will incorporate personality and emotions. Make sure that your marketing strategies carry the human side too.  
  • Technology is always a great partner if you know how to implement it: technology will help us not only to find but also to foster meaningful communities for all of us and, from micro-segmentation to niche networks. Once again, we will see empowered customers.
  • The time of socialised commerce: even the technology will approach to the human side and will be centralised by the consumer’s online searches, purchases and shares. It is all about consumers emotions.

Now, the time for excuses is over, and we are in the right moment to make the real leap all together towards a more human and closer to the consumers digital marketing.

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