COVID-19: The no panic kit

By now, we are all very aware of the extraordinary health circumstances challenging humanity worldwide. COVID-19 is not only resenting our health but also the economy and our psychological wellbeing.

From our agency, we aim to remain positive, proactive and constructive to make sure that our clients find in us the best partner in the adversity. At the same time, our team feels committed to contributing to inform and support our audience.

For this reason, we find relevant to share through this article the project that our team have developed with one of our pharmaceutical clients, Montefarmaco, to run an extra mile in times when it is more needed. Our agency has helped with Montefarmaco’s initiative to develop the guide and promote it.  


The project: NO PANIC KIT.

Due to the generalised panic that the Coronavirus is causing in the population, we have created a specific guide to provide Montefarmaco’s consumers with relevant information to face such a challenging outlook and understand what the right steps to take at the correct times are.

The idea was to compile a series of articles with accurate information divided into three main subjects:

  • What is precisely the Coronavirus, and how it is different from the common flu and pneumonia: detecting the COVID-19 symptoms and understanding the differences between all the similar pathologies is crucial to preserve calm in the middle of media saturation.
  • How to face Coronavirus and the flu: once we are facing a definite diagnosis, it is crucial to certainly know what to do and how to deal with the disease to ensure a rapid recovering.
  • What to do next: everybody is talking about the symptoms and treatment. Still, it is also crucial to learn what we should do once that we are recovered from the virus to be back in shape and understand the direction to follow to reinforce our immune system.

Tips to reinforce our immune system won’t be useful only for citizens dealing with the Coronavirus and similar diseases, but also for the people around them. Moreover, sharing such information also helps us to think about the future and move forward to better times.

Through the Motefarmacos guide, we aim to create an informative space for consumers to access accurate and reliable information avoiding the media-saturated sources, which will help to build a positive predisposition in individuals face the issue and deal with it.

Tomorrow is what matters.

We are going through a non-precedent global issue. The last time that a health emergency hit humanity, our movements were significantly more limited as well as the information channels.

From our agency, we intend to focus on using the tools and means that our industry provides us to bring some light and clarity to our clients and audience. Our civil responsibility and the human side of our business philosophy, motivate us to take the best advantage of the digital world to remain as connected, active and productive as our society will need to overcome any har times.

We are running a resistance race, not a spring. So from our agency, we do not embrace any other option rather than resist.

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