Blundstone: +622.54% of sales thanks to Klaviyo

Blundstone, founded in 1870 in Tasmania, has become one of the most renowned boot brands globally. The boots are iconic and sturdy, suitable for any situation. With a 150-year history, the brand maintains high standards of quality and design, with a particular focus on product care.

In this case study, the improved approach through the integration of Klaviyo demonstrates the effectiveness of a functional and targeted email marketing strategy.

Challenge, approach and Implementations

The brand faced the challenge of increasing sales through targeted communication strategies: it was essential not only to generate new sales opportunities but also to maximize cross-selling opportunities for existing customers and encourage purchases among those who had not yet made a purchase.

To address this challenge, we adopted a strategic approach focused on the effective use of email marketing campaigns through the Klaviyo platform.

This approach allowed the brand to communicate personally with customers, offering them targeted suggestions and offers based on their interests and past purchasing behaviors.

To tackle this challenge, we implemented an effective strategy, leveraging Klaviyo's eCommerce email marketing.

The key to success was the adoption of a targeted approach involving both existing customers and potential buyers.

Cross-Selling Flow for Existing Customers

For customers who had already purchased Blundstone shoes, a cross-selling email flow was created.

These emails or pop-ups promoted complementary products such as shoe care creams. This strategy aimed to maximize the average cart value of existing customers by offering them related products that could enhance their overall experience with the brand.

Special Offers for Potential Customers

Contestually, for customers who had not yet made a purchase, Blundstone adopted an approach focused on sending special offers via email or pop-ups.

These offers included discounts on shoe care products such as moisturizing and waterproofing creams, with the aim of encouraging the first purchase.

This strategy aimed to capture the attention of potential buyers and convert them into loyal customers through enticing and personalized offers.

In both cases, the use of Klaviyo allowed Blundstone to effectively segment its audience and send targeted messages based on purchasing behavior and individual preferences.

This significantly contributed to improving customer engagement and optimizing conversions, thereby increasing the overall sales of the brand.

The implementation of the cross-selling flow led to a significant increase in additional sales among existing customers, thanks to the promotion of complementary products.

This targeted approach allowed Blundstone to maximize the average cart value and overall sales performance. Let's evaluate the differences: Klaviyo activation vs. previous period:

Additionally, the results of email marketing metrics highlight significant engagement from the audience.

With an average email open rate of 36% and an average click-through rate of 3.7%, it's clear that the messages sent by Blundstone through Klaviyo have generated significant interest among recipients.

These metrics demonstrate the effectiveness of the implemented strategy and confirm the success in engaging the target audience and stimulating concrete actions such as ad clicks and email opens.

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