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Digital Advertising

Programmatic, Remarketing, Native and Video Advertising, from strategy to daily management.

Need help with your Digital Advertising?

Our Award Winning Digital Advertising Agency will assign your business with a Digital Marketing Professional who understands how to ensure you succeed online.

If you need help with your Digital Marketing, you will be in good hands with Rich Clicks as our consultants are Google Certified Professionals for Search Advertising, Display Advertising and Google Analytics. Trained across multiple platforms, your assigned consultant will use the most suitable platforms for targeting your customers.

Our Expertise:
  • Display Advertising (Programmatic and Native)
  • Remarketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Search Advertising
  • Video Advertising

Research Strategy

Your assigned consultant will conduct a full marketing analysis giving you insight into your market and competitors. SMART objectives will be generated, along with a budget forecast, a continuously updated action plan list and all of the requirements for the landing page, Ads and all the needed medias.

Campaign Implementation & Management

Your assigned consultant will set up the campaign and schedule the go-live date. We optimise campaigns daily to maximise your reach and manage the budget expenditure more efficiently.

Keeping you Informed

Your assigned consultant will deliver weekly and monthly reports including what works and what doesn’t. Communication is important at Rich Clicks and you will benefit from our expert consultant advice. We, however, never ignore what you have to say as your feedback is important.

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  • Business is digital but relationships are human. That's why we chose RichClicks, an experienced team to be entrusted with the support in managing our Google Ads account.
    Daniele Raina, Marketing Manager
    SAE Institute
  • La Sportiva
  • We needed a tailored service as it is in the DNA of our brand, we found in RichClicks attention to detail that increased the value of our brand.
    Simone Maggi, CEO