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Voice Search: all you need to know

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Voice Search: all you need to know

It seems that 2020 will be the year when we finally see the big jump from traditional typing searches to voice search. The digital market evolves rapidly, so customers behaviour too. Thanks to the new technologies, consumers are able to expect and demand faster ways to reach what they want to through the online market. With the empowerment of voice search, we all can access anything we need and on the go!

First of all, let’s consider that voice search allows consumers to use their voices to reach the Internet, a website or an App and, it is changing the way that browsers buy forever. The comfort of speeding up our activities online is a plus that we will quickly get used to it. However, its nature based on a fluid conversation is way more complicated than typing search and, brands will need to be able to consider a dynamic conversation to be visible through voice search. 

Why is voice search becoming so strong? 

The thousands of options available when consumers browse can make it and making it very hard to decide what to buy and what website to choose, slowing down the process and turning it into an overwhelming task. Studies confirm that more than 40 per cent of consumers have eventually felt overwhelmed with all the options available online. For this reason, voice search will become a safe option to funnel the searches and reach products and services on the digital market, so, it is time for companies to make their search process more straightforward.

Moreover, voice search has the potential to cut out search engines entirely. It seems that it is the time when we will see SEO re-driving its direction. While SEO relies on users going onto a search engine and the results serving consideration, voice search has the potential to cut out such consideration phase and take users directly to the best option. Such an advantage allow browsers to save time and reach the best choice for their search by expressing in a more personal way what they really need. 

What does your business need to do about voice search? 

Let’s get straight to the point; tailoring content for voice search is the key to your success. The content that you leave available online must be tailored for voice search and smart devices. By the end of 2020, almost 50 per cent of web searches will be voice searches. Can you guarantee that your business will be the first option? It is time to work on that!

From now on, SEOs will have to get a better understanding of natural language processing (NLP). The empowerment of voice search will take over the short term and, the search algorithm will prioritise the content optimised for latent semantic indexing keywords (LSI) and NLP. Hence, the best strategy is to rapidly get ahead of the curve and make sure that your business leads the evolution and acceleration of voice search. 

If “the sooner, the better” is a great motto in life, in the digital world should be a must!

Richclicks voice search article

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