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The Human Side: Meet The New RichClicks


The Human Side: Meet The New RichClicks

Our agency has changed its skin.

From today on, in a double dress, with two communicating souls, eager to reach different objectives. A new logo and a new division will be part of our world, and no, it’s not just a simple switch of tones or a refreshing game of colours. There’s something more, behind this message, that we want to make heard.

Here’s the formula that we have studied to tell you how we see our future.

The Code

A code, a tag, an expression written on a keyword. From this simple formula, on the web, everything comes to life and everything turns into language. Pages to look up, images to look through, retails to browse. We started from the most basic thing to reveal our own concept of identity. What does our own code reads like?

We tried to imagine those tags that write RichClicks as essential elements to explain what it means to be part of this agency and what impact it wants to continue to give, as by its nature. A set of definitions that we feel are ours, able to make each of these pills like a piece of an identity card. A few letters that distinguish our way, that talk about us and how we deal with this incredibly inspiring work.

We have put together all the expressions that we believe can really represent us, carefully analysing each of its characteristics to communicate in the best sincere way who we really are: from strategy to method, transmitting passion and defining braveness. Then, as always, the end represents a window that points directly to the future. Yes, it’s always been essential for us to define it as a clear target, to see what it looks like before it can change everything.




After all, even if it may seem like a fun game, why underestimate the history behind each detail that defines a company’s values? Someone will say that making these concepts speak is even too easy, that describing yourself in a few lines is something like an exercise in style. In reality, rest assured, it’s essential to have an identikit of yourself before understanding what you are able to do, what you need to communicate and how. Without being so surprised, we immediately understood that the sum of these structures can lead to the coding of a single, essential result: RichClicks is the human side.

The Human Side

Technology at the service of digital marketing consulting, the present tells us that we will need to adopt more and more to the new. But is this really the case?

It may sound rhetorical since all of this is an integral part of our work. But, in reality, in an industry that is stuffing itself with more and more superfluous automation every day, removing any trace of artefact alteration for us remains a crucial dogma to give the best. Although machine learning and artificial intelligence will very soon absorb pretty much all the work that a human is able to do, our vision puts people and their stories at the centre of ideas and work, because we strongly believe that the empathy and creative thinking of a real person still make all the necessary difference.

And yes, obviously, even tomorrow.


The human side, therefore, is not only the sensational payoff that introduces a new logo and communicates a new graphic look, but the sum that digs deep into our history, from the reasons why it all started and that have conveyed an innovative and sensitive way of understanding digital marketing. No middlemen, no useless superstructures, just people who believe in the projects in which they work. This is the message we strongly need to show off, from the first moment we interact with those who may become our customers and, above all – as our ideal way of thinking – also our partners.

The new E-Commerce division

Our mission, from the start, has been to have a team of consultants specialized in each field, a group of qualified people who could embrace a range of activities in all central areas of digital marketing, with an eye to what this business will hold tomorrow. At this point, for those of us who knowRichClicks for a long time, the story should not be that new: we have worked from the very beginning with e-commerce projects and gained years of experience with customers in the retail sector, making it an expression of which we now have great skills into.

The new E-Commerce for Retail division is a concept dedicated exclusively to digital marketing solutions for online retailers, a soul that puts the focus on all of the consultancy, strategy and marketing operations that we face with customers from this field and who want to invest in what its future represents. A concept born to naturally support the skills, the verticality and the technique developed over the years, in an area that has always been a rich and stimulating inspiration for us. A new identity, in a single place, to devote mind and body to an integral part of our path, destined to last even longer by expanding new ideas.

So what does the future look like? We’re pretty sure there will be still many lines of code to write.

A code that, for us, must first demonstrate that it can still be human.