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The Advanced segmentation of audiences is here

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The Advanced segmentation of audiences is here

Last year, Google already released an update on Google Ads to provide the industry with a more useful feature and take better advantages of segmentation of audiences by allowing us to combine our audiences and empower the Google Ads performance. 

Now, it is time to prepare ourselves for advanced segmentation of audiences, not only on Google Ads but also on Social Media.

The new technologies part of our lives and routines are implementing features to understand our interests and habits. By defining our likes and dislikes, the information about us becomes significantly substantial and crucial for the digital marketing industry to develop highly targeted and personalised campaigns. The concept of marketing approach is evolving to levels of individualism that we couldn’t even dream not that long ago. 

What does advanced audience segmentation mean?

Audience segmentation shapes the process of categorising your data sets and target audience according to specific values. In this way, it is possible to improve your first impression and boost the engagement of your audience by highlighting the products which are relevant to their consumer profile. 

Advanced audience segmentation will lead such feature to the next level, making it possible to think of costumers as individuals instead of a niche. Thanks to Advanced segmentation you have on our hands the possibility to create a stronger connection to our consumers and reach the highest levels of loyalty. By providing a very personalised approach, your business can now create in consumers the sentiment of understanding and getting to know that will assure them no waste of time and no invasion of irrelevant content. 

The revolution of content marketing.

  • Personalisation: Once your audience is segmented, there are several ways to personalise your marketing content. Such as speaking the same language of your audience and ensure you offer content which is relevant indeed and effective to empower your marketing effectiveness. Implementing personalisation your business can nurture loyalty by its brand essence.  
  • Build complex relationships: With advanced segmentation, you can filter your contacts and create segments including any/all relationships between several aspects, regarding your segmented audience and deliver a large number of approaches with different characteristics. The is no limit to the number of conditions established for your advanced segment, and such an advantage will boost personalisation and the efficiency of your campaigns.     


Advanced segmentation has arrived in the industry to create a digital marketing approach more human and close to consumers ad individuals instead of masses. It will bring the opportunity for businesses to reinforce links with the audience and offer a more specific approach to every single need. We all need to save time and only reach that information which will make a difference in our lives and shopping journey. Is your company ready for advanced segmentation?

Richclicks article

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