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Kenay Home lands in Italy


Kenay Home lands in Italy

Kenay Home launches his brand in Italy thanks to RichClicks, as we have collaborated to the realization of the new Italian website for the Spanish home decor leader to enter a new exciting market.

The brand has been quickly expanding its concept in the home decor field over the past years, having already hit the Portuguese ground with success, willing now to take on Italy to expand its projects even more than before. Kenay has been distinguished by a strong passion for decoration details, which goes beyond the classic and worldly: the online store offers a wide variety of choices from style and ideas in constant innovation, always focusing on products made by a unique design and a remarkable quality of materials.

For us, breathing e-commerce strategies everyday, it’s another new surprising chapter to explore.

RichClicks has been working on the PPC, Google Ads and Social campaigns for the Italian market: thanks to our collaboration we have been able to identify the points in which to act, from an accurate check on the store functionalities to the design and the adaptation of the products, as the target will be to increase the brand awareness into a new field, populated by new users.

We have therefore decided to move on the social network boost as well, particularly by exploiting Instagram and the possibility of bringing customers directly to the Kenay products’ concept: a project that starts from perfecting a certain visual impact and considers the power of a channel that can bring to the client specific targets interested in home decor and design.

Welcome home, Kenay!

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