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Advent Calendar 18: Instagram hiding Like counts

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Advent Calendar 18: Instagram hiding Like counts

Instagram had experienced a massive revolution during 2019 when its CEO, Adam Mosseri announced that such social media platform would hide ‘likes’ counts from posts on and off as an experiment for its function and development. 

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide and, from now, the ‘likes’ will disappear from posts on a certain number of users in order to experience its consequence in the operation of the platform.  

Instagram has been working on the changing of its ‘likes’ feature since 2018 and progressively testing the update in countries such as Australia, USA, Italy or Japan. 

What this social media platform aims to understand is the influence that hiding the ‘like’ can have in its user’s mental health and wellbeing. Indeed, the psychological effects of evident acceptation and popularity on social media can influence users’ feelings, and we still don’t know how powerful it can be. 

However, artists, influencers and fashion brands have shown their concern about how such changes can affect the emerge of new opportunities. The reliability of influencers and the popularity, recognition and engagement of brands could be affected in this way, as well as the growth and development of new artists who find on social media a full window to share their work and reach a massive audience. 

Instagram defends its position to carry on with the test pleading that their users will still be able to see their own ‘like’ and therefore, share such information on business purposes. 

The future of the ‘likes’ testing is still uncertain, and we will have to wait until conclusions come out, and Instagram decides the fate of its features.

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