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Influencers: what you need to know.

Influencers article - Rich Clicks

Influencers: what you need to know.

Influencer campaigns: all you need to know to succeed.

The inclusion of an influencer in marketing campaigns is a strategy more and more frequent for all kind of products and brands. The truth is that developing marketing strategies with the participation of influencers is a beneficial way to approach the right audience, noninvasively and full of versatility given that the vast offer of influencers with different styles, purposes and interests. 2017 has been the year when the influencer world has experienced the most notable growth in either proposal or demand and, the trend has only grew so far this year. Through this article, you will find the way to understand the world of Influencers.  

How to choose your best Influencer?

As mentioned before, the influencer world is continuously growing. Celebrities, artists, sportspeople and anonymous who has managed to increase their followers rapidly, form part of this community which is quickly becoming more and more stronger. 2017 has been the year for the big jump of influencers and 2018 will be the consolidation of it. Such growth has forced the market to divide influencers into categories depending on the number of followers, giving in that way the result of mega-influencers (different kind of celebrities), macro-influencers (with more than a million of followers) and micro-influencers (starting from 10000 followers up to the million).

It is essential to understand that the more followers do not mean the better for your brand or product! A lot of efforts are invested on paying the services of a mega-influencer, but in fact, they have the lowest turn-down on influencing their followers since the nexus between each other is much more distant compared to a local influencer. However, the services from a macro-influencer or a micro-influencer can deliver more effective results for digital marketing strategies. On the one hand, macro-influencers can have the highest reach on the market of your product given a large number of followers that they have. On the other hand, micro-influencers have constructed powerful nexus with their followers, through sharing their personal experience with the products and encouraging common interests and the sense of community. In this way, actual influencers create a higher range of engagement on their activities.

It is essential to concretely define the purposes and expectation that your company has about an influencer collaboration. Do you expect to increase the general awareness about your product or service and gain popularity while reaching the broadest number of audience possible or; do would you push for a strategy that drives a higher consumption of your product?.

Who’s a right Influencer?

Anyone with a large number of followers can be considered a priori an influencer. However, it is not that simple. Be careful with “fake influencers”! Nowadays, it is possible to buy a bunch of followers to inflate figures, and those followers will not interact and engage with the content. Therefore, it is crucial to monitor the engagement of followers to ensure that such community is real and the influencer generates an impact on follower’s preferences. More important than the number of followers will always be that your influencers enjoy your product indeed and the links constructed with followers are real. There is not a precise software yet to monitor the efficiency of an influencer for our digital marketing strategy and, our best ally is to be sure if the Influencers are a reference for the followers.

Influencers are a safe bet for your marketing strategy as they inspire more reliability to the followers when presenting a product which they have been using for awhile and therefore, they not only share promotional information but a personal experience expressed with their own style and, getting even closer to your potential customers.  

The greatness gave by micro-influencers.

Consumers often mistrust conventional communication sources that brands used to rely their marketing strategies on. Influencers found in this lack of trust a place to become a dominant marketing figure. Thus, micro-influencers will become the most prominent trend in 2018; they have managed to generate a high level of engagement from their followers and stronger connections with them.In fact, having a smaller number of followers allow the micro-influencers to create such strong links with their audience

Brands have already noticed the effectiveness of new strategies to approach these small communities with a relevant level of receptiveness; conversion figures are more than positive when the information about the product is delivered by someone who also shares some aspects of their personal life.


Dazzling with an impressive number of followers can play against the goals of your business and take you away from the purpose of your digital marketing strategy. Make sure that you optimise your budget and work with, and influencer that can, in fact, have an impact on your audience. A reliable and trusted influencer for your product or service is more relevant than his/her popularity among masses. Get the best results from one of the most empowered trends in digital marketing nowadays while remaining insightful.

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