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Google Marketing Live 2019: The Complete Recap


Google Marketing Live 2019: The Complete Recap

Back in the office, as we write we’ve just landed in London. We had an amazing time at Google Marketing Live 2019!

We hit San Francisco, where we’ve been invited to participate at Google’s biggest digital, innovation and technology event of the year at the Moscone West Convention Center. Among the key topics, as we expected, some stole the scene: anticipate to win, the future of search, retail 2.0.

So what happened?

Here’s our recap!

Day 1: Ads Innovation and The Future of Search

Day 1 Recap

Discovery and Privacy were two of the big topics of this year’s Google Marketing live, alongside artificial intelligence and machine learning possibilities. Google is trying to predict more and more users behaviour by preventing the privacy restriction to become a major issue: a huge challenge for marketers today, yet apparently set to become even much crucial tomorrow.

We must anticipate the flow by starting to invest in the marketing automation, machine learning and all the tools that are able to help the human side. Also, we must strengthen our skills at using the data we are able to collect and to discover, with our own weapons. In a certain sense, so, it’s a fair problem: privacy needs to stay in the first place, as Google endorses.

And of course, the big announcements!

  • Discovery Ads, native ads that appear in different versions on Google and Youtube feeds;
  • Gallery Ads, visually interactive blocks that will appear at the top of mobile search results
  • New inventory for Showcase Shopping Ads;
  • App deep linking and reporting for Google Ads;
  • Bumper Machine, an AI software made to generate Bumper Ads, completely for free, even starting from heavy length formats.

Moreover, it also seemed clear how much Google wants to direct advertising communication towards all those users who are losing confidence in brands, especially to the giants that dominate social media. In the upper part of the funnel, that is the one related to awareness and user acquisition, Google wants to start to regain ground in the immediate future: Facebook and Instagram have literally cannibalised that whole stage in recent years, working on a visual identity capable of over-stimulate the user perception.

The intention at Mountain View is to redefine some modern drifts, conveying a new concept of online feed. Something designed to make all the tools dedicated to advertising able to make quality in a more balanced, sober but equally innovative way. Somehow, making the media mix of the future something that doesn’t belong to the present yet.

It was an inspiring day and an opportunity to meet incredible Googlers, fellow agency owners and clients.

On to day 2!

Day 2: How to Innovate Retail

Day 2 Recap

Day two was another busy one: big announcements, inspiring speeches and huge tool-testing areas, the incredible opportunity to be directly in touch with Google engineers and product specialists to ask all those questions us geeks were ready to ask. What else could have we aimed for?

Keynote-wise, we witnessed how much the augmented reality boom is going to be anyone’s answer in a blink of an eye. Plus, we got introduced to new important features and insight that we’ll be ready to test soon on our own projects:

  • Google Shopping redesign, with the possibility to buy from offline retailers, a better UX designed to aim for excellence (also, you will soon be able to buy a product directly from there, without even visiting the advertiser’s website. Boom! Amazon, did you hear that? That comes with a Google warranty on returns);
  • Grow my Store, a new tool for E-Commerce marketers about to land (free audits!):
  • Smart Shopping campaigns are now fully integrated with Magento and Shopify;
  • Inclusion Works, best practice on how brands redefined the rules to business and won more customers.

Bottom line, an incredible experience in which only the top 5000 world marketers had the chance to take part in. Including us!

We came back full of inspiration, with our bags filled with exclusive suggestions and food for thought. The best way to keep on innovating our projects with the best strategies.

Needless to say, we’re already excited for the next one!

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