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Digital Transformation Trends for 2019: What’s Next?


Digital Transformation Trends for 2019: What’s Next?

What do we know about 2019‘s digital trends?

Nothing more than everyone in this field does, to be honest. But even if the majority of cutting-edge inventions could be unpredictable – and maybe out of every similar list on the web – some key points will probably have to deal with material we already know.

We made a short list of what could possibly happen.

Digital Body Language


The logic of advertisement and the future of structuring conversion rates will be more and more tailored to costumers needs. Over-personalising the user experience is the goal, but it won’t be that easy.

Marketers will use psychological principles and make their own move to get the most out of consumers’ brain when buying. Because of this evolving environment, a new phenomenon will be at the core of every different type of campaign you set. Web Psychologist Liraz Margalit called it digital body language.

Through exploring the demands, behaviours and moods that customers exhibit as they move through the platform, brands can personalise experiences much more effectively. Digital marketers can capture this through measuring digital gestures and micro-signals made by customers, including mouse moves, scrolls, taps, and zooms. By collecting enough of this data, a pure shape – built out of users’ digital psychology – will become real.

Personalized recommendations powered by artificial intelligence will be the go-to discovery source, as the psychology of the sale will play a big role for marketers of tomorrow.

Cross-Device 2.0 and The Over-Personalisation


The growth of modern digital technologies is every day more unpredictable, but there are some talking points we already know how to treat. Chatbots for marketing, artificial intelligence’s establishment, voice search and home assistants are just a few examples. A multi-platform experience looking to shape modernism.

As Forbes stated earlier this year:

  • 84% of marketing organizations are implementing or expanding AI and machine learning in 2018
  • 75% of enterprises using AI and machine learning enhance customer satisfaction by more than 10%

A multi-dimensional communication system with sensory abilities and continuously generate ‘touch points offers’. This makes decision making easier for customers and, if your project has the right potential, increases their spending.

Personalizing user experience is an area where artificial intelligence creates a massive impact. Behaviour and interests, customized searches and content: every single customer can be understood more than ever.

But that comes with a hard work to find the right moment.

The Rise of Micro-Momentsmicromoments

The future of a brand may soon be identified understanding the customer journey more than before.

I want to know / I want to go / I want to do / I want to buy.

What micro-moments’ logic suggests is that customers aren’t static. As they progress through various life stages or evolve their relationship with your brand, your business ideas may have to change and adapt as well. Therefore, it’s better to plan and measure to optimize both engagement and conversions accordingly.

At key moments along this journey, consumers are demonstrating their intent very clearly — in what has been dubbed micro-moments — and these are the most compelling opportunities along the new journey path. Brands can identify micro-moments by recognizing times when someone has a particular type of need. It’s basically about creating the content or tools to enable people to accomplish whatever they want in that particular moment.
Think With Google

This can be a sort of evolution of what we call now buyer personas but in a more detailed way.

Because micro-moments are the key for marketers to be there through every different stage of the journey, and each stage needs to be the moment in the making – nay, the micro-moment.

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