Why your brand might consider using Spotify Ads

Spotify has become one of the most important digital platforms to reach your consumers and impact new audiences. With over 400 million monthly active users there is no doubt about the Spotify Ads’ potential to complete your digital marketing strategy. 

The features of Spotify campaigns allow you to choose an audience based on the music they listen to, age, gender, geographic location. Moreover, you can also decide the device from which it will be played, to monitor it accordingly.

Through the last few years, this platform is positioning itself as one of the best channels for brands to promote their products and create a significant impact in consumer’s decisions, and here there’s all you need to know to trigger your Spotify Ads strategy.

Different types of Ads on Spotify

  • Audio Ads: audio Ads will allow you to reach active listeners from any device and where throughout the day. The Spotify audio Ads are delivered between the songs played on the platform without any distraction. In this way, the platform provides a space for your brand to communicate a message in a moment when they can pay attention to what you have to say. 
  • Video Ads: even though you may think that Spotify is a purely audio platform to deliver Ads, the platform also offers you the opportunity to impact your audience through video Ads which will be displayed while the users are actively browsing the catalogue to search for music and Podcasts. This means that your Ads certainly will be watched and heard, empowering the visibility of your brand.  
  • Podcast Ads: on Spotify, you can find two different user profiles; the premium subscribers and the ads-supported subscribers. Whilst the platform allows you to tell your brand story to millions of ads-supported users, when it comes sto podcast listeners, Spotify will allow you to reach premium listeners too. 

The music streaming service announced on 21 January that it would be bringing Spotify Podcast Ads to the UK for all users – meaning Premium subscribers who paid to avoid adverts will still have to listen to promotional content as an integral part of the Podcast business.

Podcast ads drive meaningful engagement for advertisers, from branding to direct response goals. And now it's easier than ever to get started.

  • Custom Experience: Are you looking for something a little more tailored? Our team of specialists can work with you to create something unique for your brand. Check out our custom ad formats and contact us to find out more.

How to create your best Ads campaign for Spotify

  • Big Data as your biggest support: The success that personalization brings when it comes to marketing and product development has been proven. Collecting data on customers to use it later to improve user experience and marketing campaigns is a must for any company from any industry. 

Data is precisely what has made it possible for Spotify to make on-point specific Ads. 

  • Include user-generated content: People care about what other people do, think and say. While listening to their favourite music and Podcast, the most effective Ads won’t be about your company but about the customers who have chosen your product or service and have an experience to share about it. 

Marketing in general is experiencing more and more the need to include real life testimonials and if you ever analyse Spotify Ads you can see that they are not an exception.

  • Don’t let the trending topics and hashtags out: social listening tools such as Awario can help you find the most popular topics and hashtags related to your industry or company. Make sure that listeners feel that you are on the flow and part of the conversation too. 
  • Be present on the rest of social media channels: integrate your Spotify Ads content with the rest of campaigns through the other different platforms so listeners can follow after and further than listening to music and Podcasts.

The juicy future of Spotify Ads

As mentioned before, the platform announced a couple of months ago that even their premium users will be listening to ads when using the platform for Podcast content. This significantly increases the possibility of reaching a wider audience within the same platform. An opportunity that you may not won’t to let go.

Spotify understands that Ads are an integral part of the Podcast industry and therefore a factor that has a place while users are listening.

With the unstoppable and emerging popularity of podcasts, now is definitely the best time to consider investing effort into developing an Ads campaign on Spotify.

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