Shopify Summer Edition 2024: the 10 new features

As we have often seen around here, Shopify always stands out for its innovations.

The Summer 2024 Edition is already revolutionizing operations for brands and online merchants with a host of new features and updates designed to optimize efficiency and user experience.

Let's take a look at some of the main ones planned.

Shopify: the key innovations for Summer 2024

Custom Landing Pages

Shopify has introduced a new method for merchants to create custom templates using metaobjects, allowing for personalized templates to enhance brand and product presentation.

Shopify Flow for All Plans

Previously exclusive to higher-tier plans, Shopify Flow is now available to Basic plan users, enabling automation of tasks such as sending welcome emails and managing inventory.

AI-Powered Sidekick

Sidekick is a new AI assistant designed to assist merchants with daily operations, from workflows to research, simplifying store management efficiently.

Shopify Bundles App

This new app allows merchants to create product bundles, automatically updating inventory when bundles are purchased.

It helps increase average order value and manage inventory more effectively.

Checkout, API, B2B: all the other new features

Expanded Product Variant Limits

Shopify has increased the limit on product variants, allowing merchants to offer more diverse product combinations without complex workarounds.

Shop Pay Installments

This feature enables merchants to offer interest-free payment plans or interest-based monthly installments for orders ranging from $50 to $17,500, providing flexible payment options for customers.

Shopify Collective

This feature allows merchants to expand their product catalog by partnering with other Shopify brands, adding their products to their store without managing additional inventory.

Improved Checkout and APIs

Shopify has enhanced its checkout process with new APIs and features like address validation and upselling subscriptions, aiming to increase conversion rates and improve the overall customer experience.

B2B Enhancements

For Shopify Plus users, new B2B features include volume pricing for bulk orders, enhancing functionality for business-to-business transactions.

Shopify Marketplace Connect

This app helps merchants manage multi-channel sales by connecting their Shopify catalog to major marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, centralizing product details and inventory management.

What to expect from Shopify’s Summer Editions

The Shopify updates for Summer 2024 aim to empower merchants with more tools and flexibility to enhance their e-commerce operations and customer interactions.

With these new features, Shopify continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and supporting merchants in the competitive global e-commerce landscape.

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