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ChatBot Marketing for Your Online Business: The Best Is yet to Come

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ChatBot Marketing for Your Online Business: The Best Is yet to Come

As online retail’s role is set to become more and more crucial, pretty much every existing brand is perfecting a strategy to invest in its online exposure, to reap the benefits of this massive evolution. However, one of the main downside of online shopping is still represented by the lack of communication which sometimes could confuse your customer’s journey, and subsequently affect your conversion. That’s the case to think about what technology can teach us: Chatbots, for instance. These computer generated softwares use artificial intelligence to simulate an actual conversation with the user. They can guide them throughout the website, answer their questions and give products recommendations in detail. They’re basically programmed personal assistants, that allow your client to be heard and retain them easily.

Let’s see how Chatbot Marketing is set to become the answer for tomorrow’s online business.

How do Chatbots work?

As most of AI devices – the most known being, of course, Siri – Chatbots are able to recognise keywords from a user’s input and become able to give them a predefined response, according to its database. Their efficiency depends on how effective your input will be, so an appropriate answer will require an appropriate question. As of today there are two types of Chatbots’ technology: Rule Based Chatbot and AI Chatbot. The first one works with a set of implemented keywords, while the second has the ability to strategically evolve from its past conversations, giving more accurate feedbacks and response with time and experience. You should be able to pick the one that fit your business’ needs best, but it’s safe to say artificial intelligence could soon become irreplaceable.

How to use a Chatbot to improve your marketing?

Customer experience

First, they will help you engage with your customer, creating a bond that will enable you to provide critical product’s information and suggestions, making you involved in their shopping journey and eventually convert a buyer into a long term customer


Chatbots can help your outbound marketing by sending follow-up messages to ensure satisfaction from your clients’ purchases, by setting an automation. Also, by announcing new products/services or reward people (for birthdays or special events, for example)

Marketing opportunities

As technology evolves and refine itself with time, Chatbots are likely to become more intelligent and ubiquitous in tomorrow’s online shopping experience. Indeed, expert and technology scholars have predicted the actual replicate of human conversation from chatbots with pertinent and sharp response to customer inquiries: Chatbots Marketing will soon be a thing

Showcase your brand

Lastly, Chatbots are not only the demonstration of your interest towards your customer experience, but a true occasion to show in a new and engagement way your true identity, value and personality. Therefore, it will considerably help your branding and marketing efforts.