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Advent Calendar 17: Welcome Adriano


Advent Calendar 17: Welcome Adriano

The RichClicks family is having a fantastic year thanks to the incorporation of precious new members! 

In October, our agency welcomed Adriano Urso, another digital warrior who has come along to share his knowledge and experience with the rest of our team.

With a long path in digital marketing, Adriano has joined RichClicks with the goal of becoming a great leader in the office with a project manager role. He will be the best support for our projects and another reference for our team of consultants who now count on his experience in the industry, as well as his passion for digital and his creativity. 

Our new team member was hired to help our agency grow most healthily and sustainably, encouraging a great work environment, efficient processes to match client’s expectations at the same time that the innovation in team leadership is boosted. 

As a digital marketing agency, we believe that the human contribution is the secret ingredient for advanced technology to succeed. For this reason, we won’t stop searching for the right team members who participate in the exceptional development of the human talent of our agency. 

Adriano’s talent has brought a positive effect even beyond our expectations, we can’t wait to start the new year to carry on with the growth of our agency!

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