Digital Alliance International: a new international digital project

dall-Int. by Rich Clicks

Digital Alliance International: a new international digital project

In an ever changing digital world, agencies that specialise themselves in technology and the use of it always need to get ahead. Technological algorithms are constantly evolving and to make better use of them, one must always be ready to take the next step. They may only be small steps sometimes, but other times they can be major decisions that will alter the future forever, whether for the company or the industry altogether. A major decision is what we’re talking about here when in October, 7 leading digital marketing agencies across Europe announced they are joining forces in an international alliance called Digital Alliance International (Dall int.) and Rich Clicks is one of them.

Who are Digital Alliance International?

Over 400 specialists, 1000+ clients and over 100 years of expertise with digital marketing, analytics and marketing automation in both B2B and B2C industries across Europe. Agencies belonging to the top 3% of Google Premier Partners in EMEA. This is what the Digital International Alliance is about. These 7 companies formalized their partnership at the Google Headquarters in Dublin recently, with the aim to engage in joint product development, share local knowledge and expertise and cooperate on international client projects. An alliance that we at Rich Clicks pride ourselves in being part of.

What do we do?

Dall Int. is a much-needed response to the rapidly unfolding challenges – and opportunities – that overlapping trends of globalisation and digitalisation present to the European economy and society. Dall Int offers businesses a global and international outreach while also offering the appropriate support that big corporations are unable to due to their large size and low level of adaptability and agility. These are the foundations we are basing ourselves on, as in an ever expanding digital world, new ways to reach customers are birthed all the time.

The role of Rich Clicks:

Rich Clicks is truly honoured to be part of this ever growing opportunity and will represent both countries, Italy and UK. Being in charge of leading this project is a great chance to offer outstanding possibilities to all our clients and guarantee national and international success. 

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