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5 Marketing Ideas to Stand Out for Halloween

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5 Marketing Ideas to Stand Out for Halloween

Halloween is here. That’s right: even if we’re three weeks away to the scariest celebration of the year, the best digital marketing strategy for your business must be planned with a good advance. And that’s to exploit the possibilities of a tailored campaign that will hit during the whole October 31st buildup.

Halloween is such a good opportunity to make contact with your audience: besides creativity, which you could probably show in a more appropriate way, a great motivation that these kinds of events bring to life is obviously represented by new engagement opportunities. Only in the United Stated, where the celebration is huge, «the total spending for Halloween is expected to reach $9 billion in 2018», according to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey.

So yes, regardless of which sector people are more attracted to – with more chances for accessories, toys and household retailers in this circumstances, for obvious reasons – it’s always a good chance to take a look around and get inspired. Therefore, to grow.

No matter if you own an e-commerce or if you’re a tourism board, a digital agency or an entrepreneur, it’s a golden opportunity you can adapt to any style of business. And the first two weeks of October are, according to statistics, crucial to make everything work.

Here’s 5 marketing ideas you can use for Halloween.

Limited edition products

Create a unique, creepy category of products on your channels. Ideally, choose a colour that truly represent Halloween (indeed some black and, as the pumpkin, orange). Limited products work fine pretty much all the time, specially if they’re made around special events like this.

Trick-or-treat games

During Halloween’s week, your landing page could host a game or a funny contest. That can let users and potential clients enjoy the experience while being awarded with discount codes, last-minute offers or free shipping opportunities within the event’s celebration. Any type of activity is a quality gimmick to make them participating to your campaign.

Website and products’ design

Whether it’s about boosting your website or your social pages, embracing the Halloween spirit is just really easy. Make your themes and layouts creepy, design your brand around the event: as image is currently rising above content, everything built on it is fairly recommended. Moreover, it’s your chance to launch new products and try your marketing strategy on them: it can help you grow faster now and secure users even after.

Social media

According to these past years’ trends, one of the online platform that increases online visits more sensibly, during Halloween, is Pinterest. It’s been regularly used to look for ideas and trends of the year for customs and decorations, generating an exponential flow of traffic if compared to the most exposed competitors. A smart digital marketing strategy can use Pinterest and Instagram to start with appealing pictures, then advertise the YouTube channel that takes care of DIY ideas deepening its implementation and eventually redirecting to a Facebook page (or website) where most of the juice – of a product, of an offer, of a novelty – is concentrated. Here again, transmediality should stay at the core of your work, so you won’t lose ground against your competitors.

Newsletter and promotional communications

To be in step with how your marketing strategy is creating elsewhere, the communication should start even before. Through newsletters and social media campaigns, you will be able to anticipate opportunities and possibilities for your Halloween campaigns. Users will start keeping an eye on your accounts to prepare for their celebrations, because they’ll know it’s time. As for design and special editions, the message should remain particular, with nuances of the holiday always at the core of the communication you want to boost.

Let the Halloween spirit inspire you and build the best marketing campaign your brand can rely on.

The scariest night of the year is around the corner! 

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