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Welcome aboard, Freddy!


Welcome aboard, Freddy!

RichClicks is happy to welcome Freddy, an undisputed leader in sportswear, fitness and leisure products with over four decades of history and a charm that is still intact and enduring.

Who’s Freddy?

A new customer, a new story. Born in 1976 from Carlo Freddi’s idea, the brand has always been synonymous with sport and passion for movement. Having become a renowned name for quality manufacture of rhythmic and ballet dance shoes at the end of the Eighties, Freddy has never stopped innovating its goals and establishing new stages.

The brand identity has established itself over the years as a leader in the creation of professional footwear and apparel for athletic sports of different types, becoming a phenomenon with a strong link with the professional world, up to provide products to Italian national team at the Olympic Games.

Freddy is not just clothing: over time, the brand has expanded its quality catalogue to collections dedicated to lifestyle and fashion, while maintaining a message that is always actively evolving.

Our Brand Awareness Strategy

The goal of RichClicks will be to increase Freddy’s audience and brand reputation online, working on a Digital Performance through Display Advertising, Video Strategy and Social Media Marketing and embracing the future in an even more stimulating way.

What’s the successful mission we want to offer? The strategy taken in charge by the team will not remain a concept without any type of ambition but will point, in addition to the optimization of an already strong online presence in the Italian market, to the expansion of the brand awareness in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and France.

Our new challenge will count on the collaboration of Well 360°, an independent communication agency based in Milan, in a partnership that combines our vertical Digital Marketing experience and consultancy with communication, brand identity and project management.

We are more than ready for a new exciting adventure: welcome, Freddy!

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