Web Localisation

Web Localisation

We all already know that web localisation is taking a step further on the process to adapt your website to a specific target in the market. It can involve strategies to improve the linguistic adaptation and cultural context of your website content to the market that your company is aiming to approach. It is a much more complex process than the simple translation of text but with a great performance results. Adapting the content of your website is the most effective way to internationalise your company and reach international audience to expand the market of your business.
If the purpose of your business is to have a relevant impact into new markets, your marketing efforts can provide massive results through integrating web localisation.

When is Web Localisation an appropriate marketing strategy?

Web localisation should be considered as a priority if your business wants to achieve a strong position in the international market and, to communicate the content of your website to global consumers. It is important to understand that your website is the best way to directly present your business to potential customers and your new clients must feel familiar and attracted to your product by the content and format of your website. The best way to achieve such purpose is to adapt the communication of your content to their context and, translating the text is not enough to create a real digital impact.

Localisation beyond translation

Localisation is a complex process which involves much more than a simple translation of your content and, it takes into consideration other aspects of the presentation of your website that might exert an impact on your targeted market. It is important to understand that digital communication has wide possibilities and the colours, the style, the format, imagery and design used for your website can help your business to success.

The purpose of web localisation is to fully adapt your website. That is why it is a digital feature to consider even if the market that your company wants to target speaks the language used on your website.

How does it work?

Web localisation allows your business to choose the digital marketing strategy to approach your target, thinking and always adapting the presentation of the content to your objectives, the set ups of your website and also the time frame.

  • Traditional method for web localisation: File Transfer will help your website to manually send the files for translation from your CMS (Content Management System). This method is idyllic for websites formed by static content, small websites or those websites not using a traditional CMS but whose content is custom-built.
  • CMS Integration: an Application Program Interface (API) between your Content Management System (CMS) and the Translation Management System (TMS) can connect your CMS to the content marked to translate and send it directly to your translation provider, in this way you will have the possibility of managing translation within your CMS, moreover it will allow you to seamlessly publish the translated text to the source.
  • Overlays translations: thanks to a Website Translation Proxy different audiences will be able to access the content of your website in their local language as the source text is replaced in real time by the translated version. This methodology is an excellent option for companies that very often create content online, for example blog posts or promotions updates, or businesses with a website that need an immediate translation.  


To conclude..
How will Web Localisation impact my business?

From the biggest companies to a small business, the best way to grow is applying the right digital marketing strategies to be able to expand your market without the need of a physical presence in several geographic points. However, the online market is a sector with a very wide range of competition and, the only way to success is by being strongly visible and attractive for the audience. Any strategy able to approach your business to a wider audience will be definitively a worthy effort and Web Localisation is a safe bet for it.


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