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Speed Update: the new Google Revolution

Speed update by Rich Clicks

Speed Update: the new Google Revolution

Nowadays we all already know that Google users appreciate the speed of pages indeed to load in their searches. In fact, such speed of loading has been used so far to display the ranking at the moment of searching from the desktop version of the browser. Users want to be able to find their answers and information as soon as possible, and the new technologies are evolving enough to allow them to be demanding for their needs.

Google, as one of the most powerful and relevant technology company in the market, always find the way to improve their service and satisfy the expectation of users. For this reason, the company have announced from July 2018 they will develop what has been defined as The “Speed Update”, which involves the speed of pages in ranking for mobile searches. Such change will affect the position of pages in the ranking generally and particularly those pages which provide slow experience for the users. Now not only the attention must be paid on usability testing for desktop searches but also from mobile devices.

It is a matter of facts that the relevance and appealing of the content will be crucial to define the position in the raking for a website. However, it is advisable for website developers to reflect broadly on all the aspects that can affect the performance of sites and how such elements can also affect the users experience on their pages. In spite of the lack of tools to measure whether a page will be affected by this “Speed Update” in the ranking, there are some resources which can be useful to evaluate the performance of your site:

  • PageSpeed Insights:

It is a tool that analyses the way that your site performs on the Chrome UX Report and provides suggestions to optimise its performance.  

  • Chrome User Experience Report:

A public dataset where key users experience metrics is accessible to analyse popular destinations on websites by Chrome.

  • Lighthouse:

Lighthouse is an automated tool which forms part of Google Chrome developer and can help you in auditing the quality of the performance, accessibility and some other aspects of web pages.   

In conclusion, this first half of the year is a great moment to focus efforts on developing and optimising the mobile version of your website! The right moment to find effective solutions and make sure that your company is ready to remain on top of the ranking from mobile phone devices. It is through them where the largest number of searches are coming from for most of the market fields. Are you ready to embrace the new Google revolution?

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