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RichClicks Advent Calendar: Win an Exclusive Course


RichClicks Advent Calendar: Win an Exclusive Course

Hey everyone!

Our agency is very excited to announce the beginning of the RichClicks Advent!

To celebrate the wonderful year we had, we wanted to do something special fo us and that can help us share our join with all of you! For this reason, we thought of celebrating the RichClicks Advent! A moment that we will dedicate to recap all the best moments that our agency had along such an intense 12 months and that we expect to bring to all of you as much joy as we have received from our experiences working on digital marketing with all our business partners.

We have thought of bringing an amazing CONTEST where our team wants to give a little of our Christmas spirit to your company can get through our experiences a big prize!

How does the contest work?

We will share on our blog a daily article during the Christmas Advent which will share with all of you some of the most relevant events that we had in 2019. You only have to share our articles on social media and try to get as many likes as possible on them. That’s it!

What do I win?

Our winner will receive 4 exclusive hours of course for his/her company in any Digital Marketing subject that your team wish to improve skills.