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A case study on how we worked in the beauty and care industry. Social media strategy and digital marketing.
Project Details

Who is Toni&Guy?

Toni&Guy is a hairdresser and hair care company founded in 1963 by Toni Mascolo and his brother Guy, after growing at their father’s hair salon.

A company built by siblings to offer their clients high standard haircuts and, the best salon experience with the collaboration of talented stylists and sophisticated techniques. Toni&Guy was created to provide a unique hair care to satisfy demanding clients.

What was the challenge?

Rich Clicks was hired to help Toni&Guy to reach a more significant visibility on their social media platforms to strengthen the communication with their fans, improve the approach of the company through their social media activities and therefore, increase the number of followers. By having a more powerful visibility on social media, the company will reinforce their presence in the market.

What was our strategy?

We created a tailored strategy for Toni&Guy, by researching about the most efficient way to engage with their social media audience both on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, our team developed campaigns to reach the goals expected and whose effect improved the communication of the company and increased the links between Toni&Guy and their fans. Moreover, we managed their main page on Instagram Toni&Guy Italia, their academy page and finally the Facebook account to boost the number of followers in a short time.

Project Results
  • +32000 followers on Facebook for Toni&Guy Italia page
  • +16000 followers on Facebook for Toni&Guy Academy page
  • +2300 followers on Instagram for Toni&Guy Italia main page (and counting)