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How a Personalised Landing Page Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

How a Personalised Landing Page Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

Personalised marketing is one of the most advanced techniques in digital marketing, and one which continues to gain traction as the technology which drives it is improved. With a proven success rate, it is an indispensable tool in our marketing arsenal. In this article, we look specifically at how personalisation strategies relate to landing pages and the different ways we can use them to our advantage in driving sales and improving user experience.

What is a landing page?

The landing page is the first thing that a user sees when they click on your advertisement. We all know the importance of first impressions, and presenting a landing page that is appealing to your user is vital to ensure the success of a marketing campaign. In fact, it could even be argued that that the landing page is the most important part of your digital marketing campaign. After all the effort put into getting visitors to your site, the landing page is the place where you will convert these visits into leads or sales.

What makes a great landing page?

There are many different elements that come together to create the perfect landing page: a killer headline, appealing images, engaging copy and a strong value proposition are just some of the essentials. Your landing page should be tailored to your audience and convert visitors into leads, whilst also capturing some information about them. For example, an initial landing page may ask the user to fill out a form with some basic information like first name, surname, email, and address.

Marketing 101 tells us that we must segment users based on which part of the ‘sales funnel’ they find themselves in. Therefore, users who have already visited the initial landing page and filled out the forms, thus becoming a ‘converted’ lead, or who have simply already visited the landing page may have no interest in being brought back to this same landing page. Instead, they should be directed to a personalised landing page unique to their stage in the buying process and even tailored to them specifically, something made possible through marketing automation.

How can a landing page be personalised?

A personalised landing page is one that changes depending on the user or is adapted to the user’s stage in the “marketing funnel”. The power of marketing automation allows us to customise the landing page to differing degrees: from landing pages with differentiated content depending on the user’s stage in the sales funnel, to landing pages that are unique to every single user and can “remember” unique markers. The possibilities of landing page customisation are limitless, and the landing page can be adapted to a number of elements: individual’s name, gender, location, past purchases… the list goes on. You can try out our Magic Trick to see an example of how this works.

By collecting information from the user, marketing automation allows us to offer a more tailored product offering rather than waste their time with products they’ve already bought. The key is to continue to track the user on your website and continuously collect information.

One of the strongest players in content personalisation is Amazon: 82% of UK consumers believe no company offers the same levels of web personalisation as Amazon.
Amazon’s algorithms use just a few key elements (shopping history, items in cart, items reviewed, other customers’ purchases) to create a tailored list of recommendations every time a customer visits an Amazon landing page. While this level of customisation is great, even simpler forms of customisation can have a strong impact of the success of a landing page.

A Practical Example

Non personalised Landing Page Personalised Landing Page Example

Original content for anyone visiting our website, for unknown visitors:

We’re an award winning London based International Digital Marketing Agency. We’re a Premium Google Partner, specialising in Inbound Marketing for international markets, creating maximum impact for your brand through our expertise in a diverse range of marketing strategies.”

Personalised content when someone registered visits our website:

Are you still looking for innovative Digital Marketing for RC? We’re an award winning London based Digital Marketing Agency. We are a Premium Google Partner, specialising in Inbound Marketing for international Markets, creating maximum impact for your brand through our expertise.
Is RC ready to be the next success story?

Are the benefits worth it?

According to Hubspot personalised call-to-actions convert 42% better than regular ones.
Taking a look, once again, at Amazon, in 2006 they stated that 35% of their product sales came from recommendations.
Judging by these statistics, the benefits of a personalised landing page cannot be argued. The personalised landing page experience tailors the product to the customer, presenting a stronger value proposition and directly targeting their needs. The statistics truly speak for themselves – a personalised landing page is the way to go!