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Pause… Reset… ON!

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Pause… Reset… ON!

We are living in troubled times when we all have to learn something, a moment when our nations and goals seem to be in pause. The Coronavirus crisis will undoubtedly be a reset point for the economy worldwide and, from our digital point of view, we have no choice but to reflect on the importance of businesses through the online market.

The current lockdown that countries one after another, have reinforced our conviction as a digital marketing agency about how powerful it is to be able to reach every person in any corner of the world. It has taught us how crucial is the online world, where we can take the best advantage of technology and digital tools to remain connected, active, and always available for those consumers for whom we long for loyalty. 

And now what?

Surely, we cannot act like nothing happens and write a vain article about any geek trend. Now it is the time when the industry and, more importantly, our clients, need us to show our human side, always looking towards the future full of hope and optimism, but never forgetting that you might be getting some from the words written on these lines. 

For this reason, now more than ever we want to raise our strength for a call to action for businesses to rethink their online market and all the possibilities that you will find there once that this terrible storm is gone. 

Let’s all take advantage of the pause that we are in, and let’s reflect on how we want our companies to stand out in the new era that is yet to come. 

At the times when you might be thinking that there’s not much that you can do, you all might find the moment when you have the valuable opportunity to dream, reinvent yourself and prepare your return. 

As a personal advice, I can assure you that rambling between catastrophic thoughts is not going to lead to the best decisions. However, if you drive all your concerns into a new phase for your business, you might take the best out of these days.

E-commerce or not to E-commerce, this is the question.

It is unimaginable the number of companies that have avoided opening their E-commerce based on thousands of excuses, that nowadays might not feel so relevant when the only opportunity to reach consumers has been at their homes. 

Well, now it is time to write a goodbye letter to those excuses and start to work on your new E-commerce. The reasons for people to choose online shopping have only just begun, trust us on that!

Omnichannel, will you marry me?

For those who are already confident about their E-commerce, thinking of it as the prettiest girl in High School…are you sure that your E-commerce is the girl that everyone wants to marry? If you are online, but you’re not following an Omnichannel strategy, you might regret sooner than later. 

As I said, the reasons for online shopping will just grow and grow, and consumers will appreciate the same shopping experience online that you offer offline, at the end of the day…we all want to marry the one that makes us feel special at all times. 

Communication is the basis of all relationships.

Your business is offering a gorgeous product or service; we all know that! BUT, remember that any consumer will appreciate much more than your product, your brand sentiment and philosophy and how much you look after your customers will make the change for your business success. 

Do not leave communication aside and open solid communication channels with your customers. It will help you to understand your target audience, their needs and expectations and, above all, it will help you to increase loyalty levels from your buyer persona. 

To sum up.

Unfortunately, we are going through a worldwide issue which is out of our hands. The Coronavirus has taken us all by surprise, but the future is ours, and it is in the future where now we must concentrate all our energy and put all our hope. As if it were a war, our society should rise again, and we must do it integrating our learning and best wishes. 

From our agency, we hope that you find in this article a spot of distraction and some ideas to consider to empower your business. 

Richclicks article

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