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Call Tracking

Track and analyse telephone call conversions to identify your best performing channels

Call Tracking: Track Call Conversions to Identify Top Performing Channels

A key principle in marketing is the ability to analyse activities and determine whether or not you are spending your marketing budget correctly. Call tracking software does exactly that!

Call Tracking, which integrates the traditional media of phone calls with rich analytical data provided by Digital Marketing, is innovative and revolutionary.

With Call Tracking software you are able to track calls from your website and identify exactly what marketing activities have led users to contact you. You can determine if PPC campaigns, keywords, social, remarketing etc. contributed to a new lead and then invest better in the future.

It even allows you to track calls from offline advertising channels – above and below the line communication.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call Tracking is a cloud based service that tracks user actions before the call is made. This allows you to identify the channel that prompted a visitor to pick up the phone and contact you. This dynamic method will inform what marketing campaigns are working.

You will receive call tracking metrics, similar to your other online campaigns such as search, that will give you clear and concise analytical data.

Benefits of Call Tracking

The innovation of Call Tracking tells you what digital channel is most beneficial to the business.

The fact that call tracking systems identify the origin of a call, it presents you with information that will help you make better expenditure decisions.

The call tracking software has even been integrated with call recording software, so as well as learning what activities lead to a call, you can also listen back to the calls and analyse and improve conversations.


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