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How Marketing Automation can drive better customer experience

Rich Clicks - Marketing Automation article

How Marketing Automation can drive better customer experience

Applying the right software platforms and technologies, Marketing Automation can remarkably help marketing departments manage, plan, coordinate and measure all the developed marketing activities through multiple channels online to communicate with customers and present the brand to the audience. We are talking about channels such as emails, websites, social media and so on). Using Marketing Automation platforms, your company can personalise its communication and strengthen the connections between the product or service and consumers, giving the possibility of offering innovation through the simplification of the managing process.

The digital transformation in the last couple of decades has transformed the marketing field and the approach to customers and potential customers forever. Through this article, we invite you to discover how Marketing Automation can bring to your business that significant change needed to succeed online.

How does Marketing Automation help?

Digital technologies offer to the market a diverse range of media which should not be understood in the same way of the traditional offline marketing and communication; such new media channels include online Ads, websites, blogs, apps, emails and, in all of them there is an opportunity to approach your consumers and succeed.

Thanks to Marketing Automation tools, much of the manual managing has evolved and simplified the process. For example, automating the sending of targeted emails to select audiences, personalising the communication and, transforming it in a one-to-one connection. Moreover, Automation can help to control the life of the email sent (when were they opened, how many times an email was checked or if the customer clicked anything shared on that email), observe how engaged is your audience with your social media among others.

Prospects and customers are just not longer engaging with one-size-fits communication, what it is useful in the new digital era is to customise the messages from brands and the following of the interests and relationship between consumers and brands, in this way, companies can avoid saturation or a too invasive communication. Your customers expect from your business to receive information about what it is relevant for them indeed and in the right measure.

Marketing Automation allows brands to efficiently address their consumers as individuals rather than as a group, which helps eliminate the risk of hassle through an excess of communication or with a lack of relevance for the receptors. In short, integrating Marketing Automation, your company will have the tools and the strategy to drive every single effort to the goals with no waste at all and, based on the previous actions taken by the audience. In this way, businesses increase the chances of building trusted relationships with customers that can last in time.  

GDPR 2018 and the opportunity to empower your Marketing Automation.

With the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from this month, a large number of companies have been panicking and concern about the repercussions for their digital presence. However, the GDPR is a massive opportunity for business to reorganise the strategies to interact with their online audience!

The new regulation entails companies to be able to specify and justify why and how they have obtained their customers’ data, as well, as the purposes of keeping such information; which will offer the further transparency and trust that can improve the relationship between your brand and its audience.

Our team is always willing and ready to find the best opportunities to empower online businesses through every single channel and, this case could not be the exception. Indeed, we have seen in this process the best moment for companies to embrace Marketing Automation taking further advantages from it. Is your company ready to join this evolution moment and make the best of it?

Embracing the Digital Transformation.

To achieve a more personalised communication to strengthen the relationship between your business and the audience will just be impossible to develop correctly without any automation. The digitisation of your brand does not only mean getting strategies done faster, more efficiently and cheaper, but also it should mean for your business a new way to understand and approach your customers, helping people to engage with your product or service in a much more personal way. Automation, then, will drive productivity to make this customisation possible and achieve greater long-term success.

Are you ready to get the best from Marketing Automation? Let’s talk about it today!

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