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Why Hyperlocal SEO is the Future of Online Marketing

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Why Hyperlocal SEO is the Future of Online Marketing

A new day, a new technological advancement. With every new breakthrough, is a new way for marketers and businesses to promote their content, both off and online. But with the ease we now have to show our content to large crowds, there is also a need to target the appropriate audience. In the case of a shop or small business, however, one way to improve your SEO would be to look at potential leads living within a certain mile radius of your location.

What is Hyperlocal?

As the name suggests, hyperlocal has everything to do with geolocation. Google defines it by saying it is something “relating to or focusing on matters concerning a small community or geographical area”. Hyperlocal advertising is promoting your product or service within a certain area. In fact, chances are you’re probably using hyperlocal SEO already. If you’ve ever ordered food through UberEats (or other similar apps) or searched for a hairdresser in your area, you’ve been using hyperlocal searches! These ads will appear for you but may not appear for someone who searched the same keywords as you 5 miles away, and definitely won’t appear for someone who searched for them in another city!


Why is Hyperlocal the future of digital marketing?

There are many reasons why hyperlocal marketing is going to help businesses prosper. First of all, a good local marketing strategy will impact your organic search strategy, the way you market your content and help you understand which paid advertising route to take. Whether it includes posting regular content on social media.
Secondly, did you know that mobile searches now vastly exceed desktop searches on google? 58% of google searches in the US were made on smartphones in 2016, going up to 72% for food and beverages. That’s right, mobile google searches have officially surpassed desktop searches in one of the most predictable events of the 21st century! Google also recorded an increase of around 200% of searches with the words “near me”, with 80% occurring on mobile devices. This means that businesses hoping to boost their revenue from local searches must update their website (if they haven’t already!) to be extremely mobile friendly. With mobile phone technology becoming more and more advanced every year, it is quite clear to see they will be a big part of our futures.


How do you boost your local SEO?

Now, i guess the question you’d be asking yourself after all that, is indeed how do you boost your local SEO?! Well, there are many, many ways you can improve it. The future is now, embrace it!


  • Use Social Media.
    Whether you enjoy using it or not, it is an extremely powerful advertising tool, and generally free of charge. Facebook, like Google, offers paying advertising but it still is a fairly inexpensive way to market to a target audience. Locals who share interests or have searched for products or services similar to what you offer will see you appear on their homepage. It’s also a great way to keep them updated with all the new stuff going on with your business!


  • Don’t be afraid to ask for Reviews and Referrals.
    A lot of business owners feel like asking their happy customers to leave a good review or talk about said business to their circle of people would be asking a bit much. An unjustified fear as most happy customers would be quite content to leave a positive review and a 2016 study showed that  88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Not asking for either reviews or referrals would be missing out on certain opportunities.


  • Be on Google My Business.
    This one may sound obvious, but not being on My Business will guarantee you to miss out on possible customers. Make sure to optimize your page as much as possible with a call out extension, directions, website and shareable link. Don’t forget to read your reviews, they could be the make or break in someone’s decision stage. You will also appear on Google Maps, giving you as much visibility as possible.


  • Use Personalised Landing Pages.
    This one is a must if you have multiple locations or offer multiple services. Optimise your content through keywords and spare your customers the need to scroll through multiple pages of your website/blog by directing them straight away to the page they are looking for. Be sure to use specific locations and even postcodes to make yourself more visible and drive more traffic to your website.


  • Make your website Mobile Friendly.
    There’s a reason we’re repeating this argument – it’s THAT important. Mobile phones have already taken the larger share of google searches and this percentage is only expected to grow. Check for page load speed, don’t block Javascript or images (but do block Flash!) and avoid pop ups are among some of the ways to optimise your mobile website.

To conclude..

Mobile, mobile, mobile. You simply can’t afford to ignore them anymore. But mostly, hyperlocal SEO is taking over the marketing world and it is simply the most senseful way for customers and businesses to find each other. Join the party and invest in hyperlocal!