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Google Latest Algorithm Update: What do We Know?


Google Latest Algorithm Update: What do We Know?

Has Google launched another algorithm update?

Rumours surfacing the web are vividly suggesting so.

After the big shake we’ve experienced earlier this August, when the algorithm changed late summer plans for lots, last weekend may have been Google’s first attempt for the start of 2019. The movement was detected around January 5th – and continuing throughout the 7th – as news on the web suggest. And of course, by many in the digital sphere noticed it.

The buzz inside the SEO community has been high, and online forums are still debating in full about the possible change. Yet, as ranking tools are validating the shifts in the Google search results, there’s no clear hint of a confirmed update.


Looking at SEMrush Sensor‘s statistics, January 7th has seen a high measure of volatility in search results. Data tell there’s been a +2.8 all categories deviation on Mobile, +3.0 on Desktop. So yes, something has been probably working underneath, a few days after our Christmas dinners.

Update: January 11, 2019

January 10th stats (Italy mobile/desktop, pictured here) shown once again – and even quite more – what the trend is looking like:



Loads of movement in the air, but can we tell Google latest algorithm update has already hit?

We’ll soon find out.

Update: January 21, 2019

The effects of the algorithm update put us to work straight away: different pages of a client’s website lost several positions on Google, upsetting their previously healthy ranking. Our plan to come to the rescue?

After a SEO audit, we found out pages with over 90% of duplicate content were the most affected by the algorithm update. We acted immediately, creating unique content on those pages and put them back on the right track.


Once we’ve done that, we requested the URL indexing through Google Search Console, so that all the pages were back to the state they had before they got into the turbulence.

If you’re still on the lookout for a solution, our piece of advice is to check on duplicate content percentages on your website’s pages. They may have been hit by the algorithm update and lost positioning all of a sudden.

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