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Empower your company through customer reviews

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Empower your company through customer reviews

The online customers’ community is rapidly increasing worldwide and, by now we all already know that one of the most crucial moments along online customer journey is reading ratings and reviews. This occurs because one of the most significant challenges that online market has it is to deal with the distance between the product or service and the consumers.

To deal with such distance, digital marketing experts have developed precise strategies which successfully impact the global E-commerce, approaching with creativity brands and audience. However, one of the most effective ways to establish trust between a product or service and potential consumers is empowering the ratings and reviews available for your clients.

Ratings and reviews play a crucial role in online business development as they dramatically influence the online buying behaviour of the current customers. Through this article you will learn how reviews work and the reason why they can determine a purchase from new customers either for services, which reviews help customers decide between competitors or, for products for consumers to choose between one product and other.

Why Are Reviews so powerful to influence modern customers?

We all think that our products and services are magnificent, which is fair enough, considering all the effort and hard work of our companies to satisfy the expectations and demands of the market. However, even if we are masterpiece promoting and selling our products, customers already know that there are business interests behind and we all tend to claim that we are the best among our competitors and, therefore, our opinions and thoughts about our products might not be that objective.

For this reason, having reviews from consumers which not only have no further commitments with the success of our product selling but also they are using it, turns their review as an impartial opinion and a reliable source of product information. Besides, reviews have become and expecting step for the purchase process, as they are increasing its relevance for the other new customers.

Also, reviews can help your Omni-channel strategy. Ratings and reviews can remarkably influence mobile purchases and, if your digital marketing strategy expects to blur the barriers between online and offline though Omni-channel marketing, reviews can definitively help your business to increase even the in-store purchases, as your omnichannel strategy needs ratings and reviews at every single touch point. Consumers recognise that the most authentic opinions that they can get about any product come from people who have already used or experienced it, either if their final purchase goes through online or offline channels.

The best practices to provide your reviews online.

To achieve the review success, your business must make sure that your customers will have a stunning consumption of reviews experience. This means that all the review information needs to be easily accessible and readable for the audience, making them feel that your company is more than happy to share such reviews with a broad audience and expose your brand to the consumer’s judgement.

Moreover, it is essential to establish an ideal number of reviews for any product or service. Studies confirm that a large number of consumers, more than the half, reads more than ten reviews before processing a purchase. The price of your product, its features and its type (technology, fashion, service, etc.) will play a crucial role to determine the number of reviews that your audience will be happy to see available for reading.

Finally, you might be surprised but, your business will need negative reviews in order to establish brand trust and credibility. Modern consumers already know that it is impossible that absolutely everyone loves one product, there can be a lot of reasons to leave a negative comment and not all of them actually damage your reputation given that customers not only will pay attention on the reviews but also on the reviewers. The tone of a review and the quality of its content will determine the relevance for the readers. Moreover, the negative reviews are an excellent opportunity for you to show the audience how your company deals with problems in the case that they occur and how much you care for your customers and their satisfaction.

Reviews can be challenging.

Although we all expect to access some reviews before processing a purchase, the truth is that most of the consumers read reviews, but just fewer leave feedback about the products that they buy, especially if the input is positive. The customer experience with the products must be extreme, for better or for worse, for people to be motivated to leave a review and such mentality still will go on for a while, as the younger that consumers are, the less interest of leaving reviews they have. For this reason, it is crucial that your business boost the reviews and plan a concrete strategy to motivate consumers to share their reviews.

Reviews not only can help you to strengthen the credibility and consideration of your business, also brands and retailers have the opportunity of increasing the traffic and conversions by making easy for the audience to access reviews. However, to achieve such benefit, a digital marketing strategy which integrates a plan to empower reviews will be the safest way of guaranteeing a real success. In-depth research by experts should be done to define the right approach and format to exhibit your reviews.  

The great news that Rich Clicks has for you.

Our agency is far aware of the relevance of reviews for business in any field and how they can help our clients to achieve goals.

Expecting always to offer the best service and the highest standards of innovation and empowerment, our agency has started a partnership with Trustpilot, one of the most reliable platforms worldwide for publishing reviews for the online business.

Trustpilot relies on its own users, reviewed business and advanced software to report questionable reviews to guarantee the highest review performance for companies and an excellent level of credibility and trust for the readers. It is one of the world’s largest online review communities, solidly established and broadly recognised to strengthen the links between consumers and businesses.

Consumers search for multiple sources where they can find product reviews and different opinions and experiences. However, some sources are considered more reliable and authentic than others. For this reason, we are delighted to offer support for digital marketing strategies hand by hand with such an inspiring and respectable company as Trustpilot.


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