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Digital Marketing Predictions for 2020


Digital Marketing Predictions for 2020

The year just started, and we have already some trends to consider and include in our digital marketing strategies as soon as possible. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to empower your business through the best digital marketing plan, here you have some directions to lead your company to its best year. 

  • Organic search is no longer the most powerful traffic driving medium: Still nowadays, when we meet some clients or new companies that want to work with us, one of the most significant issues on the table is the organic search. However, organic search hasn’t been on the same role player for a while. The SEO strategies will no longer help you to gain traffic and revenue online if you don’t understand digital as a whole and redefine the role of organic search into the general strategy. 2020 is the time to think about what else organic search can offer and embrace the challenge of finding new ways to lead organic search as the platform that can connect your business to your target audience.  
  • Clever Voice Search Advertising will be on top of the wave: The increase of voice assistant devices at home, such as Google Home or Amazon Echo. Combining such tools with the data compilation that both companies have, voice search advertising becomes an excellent opportunity for companies to drive to target their audio Ads with the best optimisations and towards their target audience. It seems that it is finally time for the industry to take advantage of the voice assistants!
  • The year when the number of followers will not matter anymore: Instagram has been experimenting with hiding the “likes” on its posts and analysing what will be the future of such a feature. However, 2020 might be the time when the social media will have to take another step forward and allow companies to access some data that determine the influencers’ active following. Getting a large number of followers will not impress anymore as much as the engagement that Influencers have the ability to reach from such followers.  
  • Tiktok content empowerment: 2020 will be the year that finally brings the big jump for Tiktok. It might be a great idea for companies to start to look at this social network as a new channel to share content and gain engagement to their products or services through the Influencers. Tiktok offers a space to share more creative content on social media given that is not delimited by numbers of “likes” or followers which mostly work as barriers for creativity since posts must fit into the format that it is established as the successful publishing. New year, new channels and inevitably, new opportunities!
  • Mobile performance as the main focus of Google: yet again, it will be crucial for websites to be correctly optimised and bright on their mobile version. There is no way to escape from mobile optimisation and, indeed, no need as it will bring more traffic and engagement from the audience. Don’t forget that nowadays we all love to be able to browse on the go!

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