Marketing: internal team or consulting agency?

In the vast world of digital marketing, the debate between relying completely on an internal team or engaging with a digital marketing consulting agency is always ongoing.

For many companies, the solution is a mix: maintaining their internal digital marketing team and, at the same time, collaborating with a specialized consulting agency.

We thought it would be useful to recap why this is the wisest decision.

The pros of digital marketing consulting: specialized expertise and continuous updates

A digital marketing consulting agency represents a battalion of experts specialized in their field: they are always up-to-date on the latest trends and digital marketing strategies, from SEO to eCommerce developments.

This specialized expertise can make a difference in the design and implementation of campaigns (across platforms like Facebook and Meta, Google Ads, Twitter, advanced remarketing platforms like Criteo, and many other digital advertising channels), giving you an advantage in achieving business goals more efficiently. But that's not all. Working with a digital marketing agency allows you to have a broad view of competitors and market trends that the internal team, lacking comparison with other external realities, cannot provide. This is crucial if you want to enter the market on equal terms with other players.

Innovative visions: partnering with a digital marketing agency is an injection of creativity and an opportunity for your team's growth

The daily routine can often limit the vision of an internal marketing team, leaving little space for the daily evolution in this industry. Collaborating with a digital marketing consulting agency allows you to introduce new perspectives and fresh ideas, from cutting-edge email marketing platforms like Klaviyo to emerging eCommerce dominators like Shopify.

Certainly, even an internal team becomes aware of various innovations at some point, but often after too much time and effort to introduce them without expert guidance!

Maintaining this diversity of thought in your company is the key to stimulating innovation, helping you discover new ways to connect with your target audience, and, of course, ensuring that digital marketing consulting from an agency yields better results and guides your internal team to success!

Flexibility and scalability: in marketing, there is a need to adapt to the market (and its evolution)

Digital marketing consulting agencies stand out for their ability to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the market: this flexibility becomes a significant advantage, especially in periods of seasonal peaks or when facing new projects.

And facing them with the best practices: their proximity to leading platforms and providers, such as Google or TikTok, is also crucial to having a reference channel close (and direct) to what marketing represents today. Turning agility in work (and a capacity for contacts and resources) into a plus rather than a burden for your internal team.

Time and resource savings: digital marketing consulting helps you set key performance indicators (KPIs) and key priorities

Managing an internal marketing team requires significant effort, from recruitment to training and supervision. If you're looking for senior roles, the economic effort for the company is sometimes enormous.

Collaborating with a digital consulting agency allows you to save time and resources, and leverage their know-how to improve your team: resorting to the expertise of a digital marketing agency is the answer to focusing on essential tasks and broader strategies for your brand.

Above all, establishing KPIs, spending priorities and budget, and, in summary, the capability and vision to reach the objectives set by your brand. All of this is done by collaborating with professionals who have years of experience in the industry and with realities similar to yours.

Access to advanced technologies and tools: the pros of digital marketing consulting

Digital marketing consulting agencies continually invest in cutting-edge technologies and tools, which could be expensive for a company to manage internally. Through collaboration, you can benefit from these resources without having to manage them internally.

Furthermore, agencies are partners with the most important Digital Marketing channels, such as Google, Criteo, TikTok, Meta, and many others. This ensures advanced support to maximize the use of online marketing channels.

In summary, the collaboration between a digital marketing consulting agency and your internal team proves to be a winning synergy. It offers the ideal mix of efficiency, creativity, and flexibility, transforming marketing challenges into growth opportunities.

The answer to the crucial question is not a choice between two options but skillfully embracing the best of both worlds for successful marketing.

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