We need to talk about Twitter

It was a matter of time before we dedicated a space to the social network that everyone is talking about right now. Since Elon Musk bought Twitter for $44bn, there has been a vast speculation about the future of this social network that has given us so many headlines and viral content since its inception. 

Surely, a few years ago many of us were betting on the early death of Twitter, however this turn in its destiny has opened up a range of possibilities for this social network to reinvent itself and resurface, or at least that is the intention of its new owner

For this reason, we venture to analyse if it is worth investing in Twitter as part of your digital marketing strategy and how to make your efforts shine in case you decide to give it a try.

What makes Twitter so special?

As much as Facebook is killing it for personalisation and Instagram for photos, there’s no competition for Twitter when it comes to simplicity and responsiveness

Twitter allows you to be in touch with your followers and provide immediate response to your current and potential customers and, we all know that the quicker you address to customer’s questions, concerns and queries, the more that your customers will love you.  

Twitter is certainly an easy and concise conversation channel, with a high effectiveness when it comes to quick responses and with no need of complex content to conquer the audience.

Perks of Twitter Marketing.

Now that we know how Twitter differs from the rest of social media platforms, it is time to explore the perks of integrating Twitter within our social media strategy. 

  • Awesome channel for monitoring and improving your brand: one of the key points to achieve through your social media marketing strategy is the increase of your brand awareness. 

Twitter is a great player to empower your brand awareness. By being significantly active on Twitter and reacting to customers concerns and comments, sharing content and commenting on what other people from your industry shares; you will have a chance to increase your followers and grow your brand. 

Just remember that Twitter users will expect you to open conversation about the latest news and hot trends to make them feel that your business is aware of their reality and in touch with their needs. 

  • Build stronger relationships with your consumers: as we mentioned before, there’s no better channel to respond and be in touch with customers than Twitter. Its friendly usability and simple interactivity makes it a dream communication channel to interact with your followers. 

If you include Twitter as part of your digital marketing strategy, you’ll have the opportunity to build stronger relationships with your customers over time. 

  • Improve your organic SEO: all digital marketing experts agree on the effectiveness of social media to improve your organic SEO - And how so?

Google recognises and tracks the link between your Twitter account and your website; and such a link is a very powerful one!

Moreover, you can show all your professionality by publishing tweets that generate interest among the users and empower your business profile. 

Last but not least, Google will appreciate that you have an active Twitter account and we all know how great that is SEO wise. 

Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

With all these perks that twitter is offering to your brand, I'm sure you'll be happy to check out a recap about how to trigger a stunning twitter marketing campaign. As if it were any other social network, to ensure your success on twitter don’t forget to: 

  •  Research audience and demographics: it is crucial to define your audience as much as possible, as you would do in any other social media. Sometimes businesses might think that Twitter is just an open ocean to reach anyone and that’s wrong. You need to make sure that you’re targeting your audience. 
  • Impact your audience by giving them engaging content: First, remember to adapt your content to Twitter’s format and identity. Concise and catchy short messages that your followers want to comment and retweet should be your goal. 
  • Understand and schedule the ideal time to post your content: timing is another crucial part of your content strategy. Make sure that your message will show up to your followers when it actually makes sense. 
  • Understand the purpose and role of Twitter within your social media strategy: this is probably the most important step of your Twitter strategy. I would say that Twitter will be a great ally for providing  good customer service; while Facebook can encourage the personal aspect of your company and LinkedIn your most professional side.

How to build a great Twitter strategy

There’s a bunch of marketing parameters that you should follow to have a successful presence in this social media and turn it into a powerful digital marketing channel. 

  • Developing your own brand voice is crucial: Having a very defined and personal voice on Twitter is what will make users remember your brand - developing a unique and strong voice is not negotiable to kill it on Twitter.  Just don’t forget that you’ll have 240 characters (and potentially images or videos) to impose your brand identity. 
  • Engagement is your TOP goal: if you want to take the best out of twitter, make sure that you understand that the role of this social media within your social media strategy is not sales but engagement. Publishing some informative Tweets is cool, make sure that a lot of them are entirely focused on generating interaction. Whether it comes in the form of retweets, likes, or replies, you want people to interact with your content. The more brand awareness you get, the better. 
  • Aim to move people from Twitter to your website: build a customer journey to get Twitter users from this social media to your website or landing page. Consider it your marketing funnel. The entire purpose of having a Twitter is to light the flame of interest in your business so they’ll potentially become a customer later on.
  • Visuals are essential: visual elements will be a great part of your Twitter marketing strategy, as much as they need to be a part of your other social media strategies. It just makes your post stunning, more entertaining, and most importantly, memorable. 

However, there are a few rules and best practices when it comes to incorporating visual elements to your Twitter strategy so will give you our last tip to rock Twitter.

Last tips. Taking your visuals to the next level 

Avoid using stock photos as images: Surely, this is a crucial rule to remember! They don’t stand out, and even a simple picture of someone on your staff can give you significant better results. - In addition:

  • Use templates to keep a consistent visual appeal to your photos: people like consistency in your images. If you post lots of nonsense images at your consumers, they may react negatively.
  • Use bright and engaging colours: This is a tip to effectively catch the eyes of scrollers.
  • Include some illustrations: This is a trend that’s become increasingly popular, and it’s because it can help make your brand feel more authentic and accessible. Illustrations can help you emulate any emotion, so they’re a useful tool to have.
  • Include some illustrations: This is a trend that’s become increasingly popular, given that it can help make your brand feel more authentic and accessible. Lean on illustrations to emulate any emotion.


  • Twitter is still a big ally for your social media strategy.
  • Make sure that you understand Twitter’s purpose and role within your social media strategy.
  • Understand very well the pattern that your content should follow to succeed on Twitter. 
  • Define the essence, personality and voice of your brand on Twitter. 
  • Look after the technical aspects of your Twitter campaign as you’d do for the rest of the social media channels. 

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